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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Speechless Wonder; Dr. Jane Lubchenco an Ukrainian-American environmental ...

Dr. Jane Lubchenco an Ukrainian-American environmental wonder who states NOAA in its millions to billions, is but a Stewart to the oceans. Tell that to all who are out of work from her Catch Shares, to which private foundations will profit heavily but in this interview it is peaches & Cream as those out of employ cannot afford that can of peaches. Our Gulf waters, as of today, have a warning of possible infected fish, just before the controversy of Red Snapper season opening June 1. Of course, EDF's program on watching the sea food market says it is safe to eat, meanwhile, back at the ranch, media says throw away any infected fish. Catch 22 not catch shares this time Jane!

Stewards of the ocean my A**! Just as they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar in taking monies from fines awhile back as stewardship's: In June 2009, Lubchenco asked the US Department of Commerce (DOC) Inspector General to conduct a national review of the NOAA’s enforcement program. Locke and Lubchenco have thus instituted far-reaching changes in the program, such as:

New enforcement leadership at headquarters and in the New England regional office;
Transfer of authority from the field staff to supervisors in headquarters to issue charges and settle;
A more transparent penalty policy to give greater clarity for the community;
Management and personnel changes emphasizing compliance over punishment.

NOAA will take the following actions:

Work with fishery management councils nationwide to simplify and streamline regulations;
Require all enforcement personnel and attorneys to attend annual professional and ethics training to ensure they follow fair and effective procedures;
Finalize a workforce analysis to better balance the number of enforcement officers and special agents and more effectively communicate with the industry and match its enforcement needs.
In a time when our leaders are talking of cutting Medicare-Medicaid and Social security, why not look to NOAA. They cannot even get the weather right, much less privatization of the seas, like what is being done by the EU this week under that guise of Agenda 21; equal for all! Unless your a board member of one of those fancy foundations out there applying marine spatial planning on my oceans!

NOAA has gotten to big for it britches and needs to go on a diet. Discretionary Spending, along with NOAA combined make up over 1/3 rd of our entire budget, so why would one cut elsewhere? That is a question main stream media ignores or are they that stupid? I am a common man, a couple of degrees, who likes to fish with my family. Who is NOAA to tell what I can or cannot do in my own state? I thought they were Federal, maybe I was wrong and frogs no longer bump their butts on the ground, they just fly!

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In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
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