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Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Green' push for catch shares; Agenda 21, Chapter 17

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Connected recipients

Among the grant recipients was EDF's client, the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance, which received $200,002 to help NOAA create the reef fish and head-boat catch share program.

In New England, the Penobscot East Resource Center in Maine was awarded $185,000, the Tri-state fishing sector which participates in the ground fish catch share program received $68,500, the University of New Hampshire received $142,700, the Sustainable Harvest sector based in Maine received $30,000, and the Rhode Island Party and Charter Boat Association received $86,200.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Thursday announced grants totaling $2.25 million to 18 recipients on three coasts to advance the Obama administration's catch share fishery management policy.

AND IN A TIME WHEN WE NEED TO TRIM OUR BUDGET, SPEND, SPEND, SPEND; why not NOAA has over 500 billion dollars plus is subsidies and kick backs to whatevers. DO NOT TRIM BACK ITEMS LIKE SOCIAL SECURITY!

TRIM NOAA TO THE BONE and Ill catch my own fish!

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