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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fl. Exploratory Candidate Gary A Anderson Testing the Waters 2012


I, an Exploratory Candidate, testing the waters for the US Senate, Florida,
Gary A. Anderson, wish to end political radicalism, restore moderate majority rule with the utmost sincere respect, for the views of the minority, and provide decisive leadership, with emphasis to transparency and adherence to fiduciary standards, as has never existed, since our Founding Fathers blazed the trail to which we continue to broaden. Federal, state, and local governments must live within their means and maintain balanced budgets. To do this and more because much has not been done in Florida, for the good of its citizens, in a very long time. Florida needs a Wake Up Call if we are going to survive the 21st century. I need you support. I need Your donations now to get on the ballot and beat Bill Nelson! Help Me Help You and Please Donate to the best cause of your life! I am but one of you! Not of the rich, like others to all in the races ahead. I am a disabled American worker that knows when our government needs to wake up and remember us; to which, they all have forgotten. When was the last time a Senator here in Florida did something for you? When did you ever get but just a form letter as an answer to your question? There is plenty of time for these that call themselves 'Leaders' to answer and come a calling; not just at election time. Think about it; approximately working but 140 days a year and have no time to talk to their constituents? I purpose that a cut in their salaries be in order as a first drafting of a bill and why not! You get what you work for and a six figure salary plus perks for less than a years work is ludicrous. Save the country a buck times all in Congress and that is a pretty penny. Put your money where your mouth is, cut your own dollars as then we could say as was once said before by U.S. President Harry S. Truman with the buck stops here and I say, "The Buck Starts Here!" Showing America we mean business, no Party involvement need apply as it is one America, one people and one government; a government "of the people."

  I am an Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl 2012 and am looking for your support as we, together travel this road to truth; a word not used much anymore, only replaced by sound bytes and political jargon. Together, we can bring justice back into our system. Will you not help me to help you?I know what it is like to live on Social Security Disability! It is rough and does Florida care about me? It ought too, it used too and with your help, it will again! Help Me get on the ballot; PLEASE GIVE A BUCK and help save Florida, your property, fishing to medical rights and stop the advancement of Biodiversity, to which, the President made a law back in January; selling America down the river.

It is a time of simplification to reformation of our tax codes, in restoring our wealth back to maintainable levels. Federal, state, and local governments must live within their means and maintain balanced budgets. General funds must be segregated from all other funds and each funding type must be used only for their intended usage, period, unless it is imperative that such funding is in need during a time of war or conflict, which first must be voted by congress. No funds of the Peoples should ever be used in political speech or campaign activities. The use of any public funds designated for relief or public works for electoral purposes, directly or indirectly is morally wrong and must be made illegal. It must be illegal for government officials to promise jobs, promotions, financial assistance, contracts, or any other benefit to coerce campaign contributions or political support. Free and legitimate elections are critical to the survival of a nation, state, or local government; therefore, there must be zero tolerance with any type of fraud.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The original intent of the Constitution shall govern all branches of the government. Judicial activism undermines the Constitution.
The Second Amendment specifically states that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" and thus permits the individual ownership of firearms. It is our right!
Unique to their compositions, the States of this United States, is unique in its people, climate, history, economics, and geography. The Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution shall govern in that all powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states shall be reserved to the states and the people. That is You and I, The People; This Constitution to which we all owe is such a divine piece of writing even today and must be preserved at all costs!We should never discard it, as some have suggested! The LOST ratification was done by and Executive Order and not by the will of the people, Congress, and therefore must be prohibited from usage within our frame works of society. Agenda 21 will discard the Constitution, take away the rights of the People and give them to stakeholders, much akin to "Catch Shares" an abomination to this country. Stand Up with me in a fight to take back your country that has been taken away from you. Stand up and say "I CAN!" and together we can and will prevail back to one nation, under god, for liberty and justice for all, not just a selected few but ALL!


You can contact me at or if you prefer, (941)-426-6118. The best way is through my email, as it is checked daily and my phone is in another area of my house, so as I may concentrate on my writing or campaign of my Exploratory Candidacy in finding out what our Florida is in need of, besides stronger leadership. Transparency is the best way to deal in government!

My web page
, is a call to action for donations in supporting our rights to live, fish, hunt or what ever it is you what to do, not what you are told to do.

Florida Matters to me and I Fish, I vote because it does matter as I am as important as you and together we will be free to be Americans.
In Kind Pol. Adv. For Gary A. Anderson, By Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Senate Committee 2012