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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Saltonstall-Kennedy (S-K) Act of 1954; No Permanent Appropriations?

S-K programs are funded through a permanent appropriation and no periodic re-authorization is required. In addition, no recent congressional oversight hearings have been held to review the activities conducted under S-K authority or how S-K funds are allocated; this is wrong as the monies used could be going into the pockets of the regional councils or into whatever NOAA wants. I demand a review of this fund. We the People demand a review of this fund! The Saltonstall-Kennedy (S-K) Act of 1954 was created to provide consistent funding for commercial fisheries research and development. Funds are derived through the permanent appropriation of a portion of fishery import duties. A congressional oversight hearing needs to be set in motion to make sure the funds are being appropriated as was intended, as it would seem with the introduction of Catch Shares, they may have found deep pockets!

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