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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Virtual Candidate, I Endorse Myself; a Middle-Class Poor, Fl. Whig!

Hey Florida; I Endorse Myself! I am coming into this with something neither candidate, Connie Mack and Bill Nelson, mush less any candidate has; I am not a millionaire, I am of the real Middle Class Americans, scraping by day to day, trying to make it all come together. I am making a bold statement, in a Bold New World, the 21st century, where regimes have been toppled through the use of the internet! I am a poor to middle-class American and Proud to be! I am a disabled American Worker and Proud to be! I am a virtual Candidate, the First to be! I am tired of “The Rich Cats” telling me they know what it is like; they have not a clue! I too am upset and fighting back against NOAA/NMFS along to EDF & PEW in a battle for our oceans. They do not belong to you!

And while I'm on Oceans, about the only thing EDF & I agree on is the RESTORE ACT, there they are doing good for the country. Other than that one piece of Legislation, the oceans; they were made by god for Americans and to that the UN and all their Council minuends can leave as we do not recognize the Land of the Sea Treaty, LOST, its Agenda 21 conventions or the rules to regulations put out by the United Nations. If the Senate of these United States of America were to review LOST, they too would see it is Unconstitutional as it was never passed by a 2/3rd majority vote; it was just signed into law by Executive Order. For the first time, the President of the United States of America broke the law by doing such. Why is he not accountable? I, if ever elected into a position to do so, will impose the Prohibition of the LOST document and under the twenty fifth Amendment, should Obama be re-elected, be put under restraint and his powers of Commander in Chief under the scrutiny of Congress, with the Vice President in his place. Either way to whom is in office, with LOST rejected by the US Senate, the Councils to best available science go away; along with Catch Shares, IFQ, LAPP and on and on are gone.

To quote our Party Chairmen, “Principles before Party, Personality and Profits with Deeds not Words. Thus the Florida Whig Party (yes, it's funny to the ear but you won't forget it) is the NON-PARTY PARTY. Read those 10 words again.. It's about We the People, rather than the corporations and special interests. So the Non-Party Party wants you to step away from your comfort zone and protest the granola going on.” I am the middle class! I am Testing the Waters to the US Senate Florida 2012! It is time that “We the People” took back our government from those to whom have grown wealthy from their pickings.

If I had my way, Congress would advocate term limits, the line item veto, session limits, spending limits, removing Congressional exceptions to laws passed, subject Congress to Freedom of Information Act, "end the Constituent Service Racket," establish fair and open procedures, and cut committees and this would save more than we know, too include the nationally spending frenzy. Subjecting Congress to its own laws would resolve the entire issue of Congressional insider trading, too! All funding for Catch Shares to Rural watering policies would go under review and be thrown out as they pertain to part of the Land of the Sea Treaty, which is unconstitutional as it was signed into law without Senatorial approval; thus it cannot be. So why is it still obeyed? But I need HELP!

I need contributions to the campaign or it may just be smoke in the wind, this time. Please it is that time of year to give. Give and let us save a nation together.

I know I live in Florida but as a US Senator I would be beholding to the Nation first. I too am of a third party, so giving would not be out of your bounds to the same old same; as both the Republicans & Democrats were once Whigs! . I am the first known Whig [Florida Whig Party] since the mid 1800s to announce his intention to seek a seat in the United States Senate, as an Exploratory Candidate. If elected, I would be the first Whig from Florida to serve in the United States Senate since Jackson Morton (1849-1855). At the same time, as Senator Morton served in Washington, Governor Thomas Brown, the first Whig Governor of the State of Florida (1849-1853), and serving the state and was the driving force behind public funding for schools; which resulted in what is today's University of Florida. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Father, George Washington were all Whigs, believing in smaller government, not social government and the country ran quite well until social injustices along with a civil war interfered with due process in government, like today. The Whig Party, based upon Economic issues, yielded its influence, to arise another day. That day is today.

Merry Christmas to all and God Bless each & every one of you. Gary A. Anderson

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