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Friday, December 30, 2011

Kids Fishing to Find A Cure Needs Your Help...

Kids Fishing to Find A Cure: KFFAC Spring Fishing Derby Needs Help!

KFFAC's spring kids fishing derby is set for April 7th 2012! Kids fishing contest with prizes for the boy and girls division; teaching kids Conservation, and Safe fishing practices, along with raffles and easy2hook demonstrations. When confirmed, it will be held at Sand point Park in Titusville, Fla.,from 9am to 5pm. We are expecting at least 100 kids and are in need of sponsor or sponsors to donate dollars to rod combos, Zebco 202, in order for all to have a piece of the fun to keep & take home. Receipt from KFFAC for your taxes on this charity donation are available on request, including cash to purchase. We are in dire need of a pitcher to step up to the plate and makes these kids smile.


“Kids Fishing for A Cure” (KFFAC) is a non-profit organization which provides financial support to research hospitals/foundations dedicated to developing cures for cancer and childhood diseases. Monies are raised by children and adults through community- sponsored outdoor events designed for youth. Additionally, KFFAC promotes youth personal growth and appreciation of nature through adult-mentored outdoor activities.


It is our hope that through the mission of KFFAC we will instill the following values in today’s youth:
• An appreciation of good health as a gift from God
• A desire to help those in need
• An understanding that participation in community events, such as outdoor sporting events, can provide service to those in need as well as foster relationships with others

Contact Info:

Visit us on FaceBook at or contact Capt. Troy Life at

“Positive Mentoring through Fishing!”

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