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Saturday, December 3, 2011

SA@TheDC - The Terrorists Have Won

This scares the beeves out of me! To whom is a terrorist, under a law which has the power to say, “You Are!” Those in Congress might not even have the same protections, if they were to promote a bill which the Commander in Chief did not like and thus, in theory, could be jailed as those trying to upset the balance of Americans; a terrorist! Hell, for that matter, When I say “Give me Liberty or give me death,” a quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Virginia Convention, I could by definition of this Bill before the Senate, be arrested and get to what I asked, as my rights and yours; went right out the window! As I have poked to prodded our current Administration, to NOAA in its dysfunctional approach to our fisheries through “Best Available Science,” in creating an atmosphere where the ocean is privatized, sold off in shares and has put thousands of mom & pop business on the rocks; I could be construed as an agitator, if it were the 60's, a activist in the 70's, and now a full blown revolutionary threat to National Security, as I speak my rights; as in this blog. Look around you and just see to whom disappears off our streets. How many books will never be published, in fear, of the wrong sentence! You know, right now all texting, is gathered by a company, hired by the government, put on record and a file is set up on all who use the web to their phone, yet no one speaks out? If I want to live in fear, I'll move to a third world country, like Chad; that's in Africa!

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