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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The law is the law, after all.

I remember standing with a friend of mine, a real true progressive friend of mine, during the Inaugaration of the POTUS. Like many of my conservative friends, I assumed that what was done was done, and that the President would, like the incredibly intelligent Bill Clinton had done before him and govern from a populist center.

President Obama can send out his 16yr old to make good for what he said all he wants, but the law is the law. I am not a lawyer or a very educated man, but I know the Role of the Judiciary, and as the words spilled from the POTUS's lips I knew what was happening. Or at least I was aware of one of two states of mind. My opinion of which was in play is meaningless. What is not is the law.

President Obama, standing between two other world leaders, spoke his true feelings. That the rule of law, and the position that law grants to those "UN-elected officials", is not how he wants our country to run. Shades of his hero, Frankand D. Roosevelt. He wanted to change the number of judges. He hated the courts, because they read the Constitution to do their job.

If Obama is re-elected, you can expect exactly that - a re-shuffling of the court. And more truly activist judges throughout the land.

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