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Monday, April 9, 2012

Where are The pundits today?

How easy it is to use the word racism when it is not appropriate. How easy it is to use the word if you need a new Brietling watch for your collection of them and somebody is willing to pay you an extr 50k for you to put your lame ass on a stage and yell for "Justice". To agitate a segment of our society that is taught from birth that some white guy still -ain' giving them their mule and their acre of property. Look. Our nation, like all nations governed by men, has its share of ugly pages in the history books. But let us leave those stories there, and not rewrite history. With representatives like King telling the truth, we have the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackson's and the terrorist New Black Panther Party telling these kids and with the help of an elitist and white-controlled media that only through a lynching will justice be obtained. What if we, as a population, hand Mr. Zimmerman over to the dog-breath leadership of the NBPP? Will justice prevail? If those media whores were concerned about justice, and the ugly rise of racism bringing its anger and hatred in our free and fair nation, why don't they have a rally for this man? We are heading down a slippery slope. Please, if you read this, do me, Gary Anderson, and our nation a favor. Share this story:

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