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Friday, April 27, 2012

Leave it there...

So today has passed. The election is heating up, and AirForce One committed to taking the POTUS from place to place telling America how much worse it would have been if the evil republicans had had their way.

It's interesting, isn't it, to hear people from another political party tell you how evil you are. How your constituency wants to dirty the air, burn crippled children for fodder, and essentially rape and pillage the world until nothing is left but our cigarette butts.

I am a business man. I've never had an honest job in my life. At least one where I worked for somebody else. I've gone from 1 employee (me) to something like 2,700 somewhere in other buildings "answering" to the executives in the Park Avenue NY were in an Excel spreadsheet somewhere on my desktop.

Today? I would like to think that things have changed. That the world is more dark, that politics is more splitting and injurious then it was when I was 20. But it ain't. I remember a peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter. Standing in front of a microphone describing to an America he had taken directly down the shitter of history telling them "the Republicans want to help their rich friends in the Oil Business. Democrats like me mean better. We care for the middle class. Not so with those nasty republicans. No sir. They only care about the rich. "

The America that tore the Oval Office key off of Jimmy's keyring that November long ago has awoken. You might listen to the polls, and watch Rove paint little figures on his little portable white board, and you might listen to Boener say that there's a one third chance the Republicans are going to lose the House of Representatives. That republicans have to be careful.

You think John was talking about losing the house to the democrats? No. Sorry John. You're right, though about one thing. You are gonna lost the house. The rest of the house we failed to take from your lame ass in 2010.

Here is a prophesy from TheOnlineFisherman (me).

Obama loses the white house to Romney. In a landslide. He holds Vermont, NY, and California (maybe). The senate is lost to the Tea Party, and we gain another 50 seats in the House.

And the rain of little squids working for the EPA saying that his philosophy is to "crucify" legitimate American companies, and listening to the UN Likes of Jane Lubchenco saying that "There are winners and losers in Catch Shares, and the winners are the fish" which of course implies that American anglers and their fifth-and-sixth-generation family businesses are the losers.

I can hear it now. "America has thrown a Temper Tantrum".  Progressives, get your bags ready. America is about to tell you where to go. And it ain't party-town USA. Your ideology is being exposed for what it is. Rotten to the core. Go back to the colleges that spawned you. And teach your own children the hatred, lack of pride in our nation, and lack of true diversity that you so enjoy. Do it in your house, not mine. I've seen one of your signs somewhere talking about my religion and somebody's penis. Let me re-quite it for you.

Progressive thought is fine. It's sort of like a penis. Be proud of yours. But don't pull it out and wave it in front of my freedom-loving children. Children that will be allowed to read all sides of all stories, and make up their own minds. You will not take our private property, you will not take our country, and you will never take my soul. So help me God.

Goodnight America. Sleep Well. We have a hard day's work in front of us. And the day's end will be November Third, 2012. The night before Barack Hussein Obama will have given his speech. The one that will bring true hope and true change to America. We don't want to go back to Bush's ways. We'll take Regan and leave it there.

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