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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What do we leave behind?

Today it seems probable that the POTUS is going to appoint an ocean czar. Do some research on the existing science czar, and consider the possibilities of who is going to get appointed to that position.

What we re talking about fellow Americans is an executive order. One that will split our nation's waterways into nine zones to be managed by said czar. He or she will be a globalist. Of that we can rest comfortable with our assumptions. Nine zones that track every drop of water from stream to ocean. From pond to the destruction of social statism off the coast of Greece. From your American waters to the waters of the world.

Under executive order of a man that thinks anyone but him is lower on the intellectual scale, your oceans are about to be given forever and ever, to the United Nations.

For years we have used these pixels to warn our fellow patriots the tides of global statism are going to rise above our necks. Arise until they drown us. Welcome, America, to Agenda 21.

Call your representative. Call your mayor. Call every so-called "leader" you know or ever heard of. Ell the to stop this man. And to stop him now. We can wait until November and watch his statism blow away in the winds of history, and him back to Harvard where God knows he belongs. But have him pass this ocean policy by bypassing ur congress and the rule of law?

And it is over. Our fishing way of life is over.

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