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Monday, April 23, 2012

Put your money where your collective mouths are...

Another day, another perfect example of progressive democracy. As you now, if you wanted to send the government more money, you are quite able to do so. There is even a line on the returns you file providing a "fill in the blank" field so you can do just that. Give them more money.

I am sure you have seen that white boy sitting in the hot tub by now. Or heard, perhaps, of a company by the name of Solyndra, where after their bankruptcy the last of the employees still on the paycheck could be seen dumping desks in the trash bins behind the empty building. Desks that cost you and me somewhere around $1,200 each. Do you have a $1,200 desk? Or a place in a penthouse in Vegas with not one, but two glasses of champagne on the table in the ton? Nice touch, that. Ever her of two and feathering? I have. There used to be a hanging tree on a road in Tampa now called Kennedy Blvd. An icon of the left, Kennedy asked what you could do for your country, not what it should and could and would do for you. God, to have that whoring bastard back would turn the entire progressive movement on its back, right? A true one-percenter, at least he didn't leave his whores in the car in the water under the bridge from your house, so you could go home and get sober enough to call the cops your family hired and gave those turkeys to every thanksgiving. Turkeys and votes were cheaper back than.

I am a creative. I make a living starting the morning with a blank piece of paper. It turns into stories, it turns into instructions, and it turns into commentary like the one I am making now. I love talking to progressives. When they bring up their stand-by lines of fairness, of redistribution soon to be in the form of a global climate tax, I ask them to define situational ethics.

Here is how I define it. Act, don't speak. That is the problem with progressive thought, it is what always leads to the demise of utopian societies run by imperfect men. Situational ethics. Like telling me to share iand be fair, while having an accountant you pay to make sure you pay not one slimy dime more than the law allows. That is why I have an accountant. To make sure that not one dime goes to that dog breath of a government employee sitting in his taxpayer-funded hot tub. End for story. If you want to share and be fair, hire an accountant that makes sure you y the MOST allowed by the law. Not the least.

Put up or shut up. Fire your accountant, and dump the bootleg music. Then we can talk ethics. Or at least start talking truth and actions, not voice and none.

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