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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't STEAL MY MONEY; Social Security is mine, the rest is yours

Don't STEAL MY MONEY; Social Security is mine, the rest is yours

First let me say, I am sick of Tea Party this, Republican that, Democrats did this; are we not all Americans? As Americans we are a political melting pot of ideas to which we strive to protect our liberties, look over our beliefs and follow the constitution, regardless of party ideologies. Why can we not, as Americans, not come together and form a general consensus as to what needs to be done, as to what the people want, not what Washington wants.

I too am tired of those in Congress to the Senate and the President, clumping together and calling Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid an entitlement, because you all need to go back to school and learn the difference between an entitlement and a pay per program into a trust, which pays back upon maturity!

As a working American FICA is deducted from your paycheck; every paycheck, put into a fund called Social Security, which is a trust fund. Entitlements are hand outs from the government! Nobody ever got a handout from the government that is on Social Security. Hard working folks, put their monies in and expect it back! It is not for the government to steal!

Medicare and Medicaid are entitlements, as they are programs to which deal out monies to those in need if you meet the criteria. The Government cannot lump Social Security in with this unless you are planning to steal from the future of hard working Americans! The federal food stamp program is an example of an entitlement. I as an American put no monies out of my pay towards it, only Uncle Sam, took this upon themselves. Social Security & Medicare can be included as an entitlement when applied to someone with a disability and they can’t work, so they receive only what they are qualified for under Social Security and are given government medical insurance; Medicare but only after their Cobra benefits are exhausted. Did you hear that Mr. President? The Social Security part of this is only what one put into it, no hand out here; it is my money, not yours. So how can you say you are going to steal it? I should know, I receive less than 10,000 dollars a year plus pay close to 4000 in Cobra premiums and you are going to steal my social security? Too how many more disabled proud Americans are you to screw in the process of getting your words wrong. There is a difference between that entitlement and our American Trust Fund. The intent of the Social Security program is to ensure a threshold subsistence level below which any worker who had paid into the program cannot fail. Mandated by Roosevelt's New Deal, in 1935, it gave the nation's retired a way to pay their bills, without having to have a government hand-out. Forgetting the scare tactics as in the sky is falling on Social, the Social Security system is more solvent than the system reformers would like you to believe. Current estimates are that funds flowing into the system will be greater than or equal to funds flowing out of the system for several decades.

"Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric coming from the right and from President Obama’s own Catfood Commission (aka the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform). The Social Security System is not bankrupt. It has a $2.5 trillion trust fund. Social Security Trustees report that Social Security will be able to make full payments until 2037. Tax receipts will dip below outlays before then, but this is precisely why the Social Security program has taken in more money than it needed, so that it could handle baby boomer retirement and increased life spans. Without any changes, Social Security could cover three-quarters of benefits until 2083 — when people born today will be 73."Richard Warnick"

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman:

" Social Security has been running surpluses for the last quarter-century, banking those surpluses in a special account, the so-called trust fund. The program won’t have to turn to Congress for help or cut benefits until or unless the trust fund is exhausted, which the program’s actuaries don’t expect to happen until 2037 — and there’s a significant chance, according to their estimates, that that day will never come."

…So where do claims of crisis come from? To a large extent they rely on bad-faith accounting. So too all that wish to STEAL YOUR MONEY: shut up and sit down, while finding some leadership and avoid default without using our monies for your mistakes to too many bombs in say, Libya; to what was that cost?

The Medicare benefit would be considered a entitlement, not the Social Security, ever! Other, true “Entitlements” would be governmental social welfare programs, low housing income, unemployment insurance and food stamps. So when you say your going to cut Entitlements, get your Byline Straight; Social Security is mine, the rest is yours, do as you may but do not steal my Social Security!

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