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Monday, July 11, 2011

Entitlements: A Declaration of Dependence

Cutting Entitlements to the Disabled is Wrong; any way you slice it!
"They want government, and essentially the people and businesses it robs from, to give them the income and healthcare they need to survive as they age — things they should have been planning for in their early working years."...a bit sinister on those to whom have had little choice, the American Disabled, do you not think? Otherwise a darn good article but I represent those of us who are against the Rural Council, Agenda 21, allegiance to the U.N. and cutting entitlements to the disabled.

Some how we, who are in the millions across the country, are still considered a small minority and thus are over-looked? This cannot happen and that is one of the reasons I am Testing the Waters for the US Senate FL., 2012; disabled and all. I may have a handicap but then when in America's history did that stop Yankee ingenuity from happening?

Just Say: Hell No to Catch Shares and those NGO's to whom pay for this burden on the American Angler; EDF, NMFS, NOAA and it smells like a Red Herring in here, PEW! Anglers Against Agenda 21, as well all facets of the United Nations Conventions of Agenda 21, as it is the globalist plan for imposing one-world, socialist (read: totalitarian) government, using fear about the environment, and the U.N.’s solution – sustainable development - to get people to accept draconian limitations on things they would never otherwise even begin to consider. For example, that is exactly what “global warming” is about. In any case, if you don’t know what sustainable development is, you better learn soon, ‘cause it’s heading for your town like a runaway freight train, unchecked, in a path that will destroy America.

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