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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anderson "NO MORE!" to NOAA, playing God with Weather Patterns!

The Dept. of State Prohibits Weather or Environmental Modifications.
The PDF below is an important letter for everyone to read about the implication of weather modification and mitigation programs. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has introduced this type of bill each year since 2005, and they have not passed the U.S. Senate. The information in this letter is still good and should form the basis of any argument opposing this type of legislation and current unregulated ongoing programs. 5 1 2010 U.S. Senate Bill S601 Two Versions March 8, 2010 Weather Mitigation Act.pdf
NOAA's Geo-engineering, NOT Climate change and global warming
AT WHAT COST? Not just in dollars, to which we need to trim but human lives? Why are we providing funding to science fiction projects to which we know not the out come, while our country is going under and both parties are talking BS about entitlements, when we are spending millions to billions in playing God and controlling the weather? Weather modification: In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) regulates weather control projects, under authority of Public Law 205 of the 92nd Congress.This agency does not perform research into weather modification. They use it but have not the Fogyish idea as to its future outcomes or probabilities. It's like in "Catch Shares", it's the best science available. Weather modification has been ongoing for decades in the United States. It was perfected during the Vietnam War leading to the ENMOD Treaty signed by the United States. However, this has not stopped a whole host of weather modification programs and experiments being initiated or are now ongoing in the U.S.
Your local weather forecasters either don't know or don't report ongoing experimental weather modification program letting the public believe that the weather that they are experiencing is unusual but normal. Climate change and global warming are blamed for some weather events by meteorologists. The Weather Channel and local newscasters, don't report current and ongoing weather modification programs, even when they are taking place, according to NOAA documents detailing these programs. U.S. Senate Bill S601 (introduced by Senator Kay Bail Hutchison-Texas), was not passed by the U.S. Senate in 2010. Senator Hutchison has introduced a version of this bill each year since 2005, and the public has lobbied successfully to stop passage. It is highly likely that Senator Hutchison will again introduce this bill in the Senate in 2011. This bill allows anyone to mitigate or modify your weather without public notification, consent, oversight or debate. This bill could also be added as an amendment to other legislation and passed. The implication for agriculture, watersheds, water supplies, and who will receive the benefits or the negative consequences are hidden from public view.
It is time for all of us to examine these experimental weather modification programs and who is benefiting from them financially...who is suffering the consequences of these uncontrolled programs...and how much is crop production in the United States is being reduced due to these programs which may leave many ranchers and farmers without enough rainfall, water supplies or with too much snow.

The issue of geoengineering and its far-reaching social, environmental, ethical and political implications, are just around the corner. I mean, weather modification was first started during the Vietnam War to which, all on the ground were laboratory rats. NOAA and other private non-disclosed ventures experiment in Climate Control all the time, not knowing the outcome of just what may really happen. We are the test and nobody knows the answer.....It's not Global Warming, It's a series of Global Tests in Weather Modification to which we are the lab rats. Too Hot here and flooding there sounds to me like a UN Plan to complete its population reduction plan of Agenda 21 Chapter 17, in seeing a decrease of world populations decrease by up to 80 percent; at the hands of mother nature and HAARP.

Can You Say HAARP? Weather Warfare, coming to a neighborhood near you; how hot was it in New York Today? Say it cannot be, just another conspiracy, like Agenda 21. Well if Weather Moderating is science fiction, why is it then, in warfare, been banned by the United Nations. Now that we have ratified LOST, the UN and NOAA can play with the weather in order to control crops, famine, flood, heat play God...

weather NOAA's Geo-engineerin

Then we have something closer to home; unexplainable except...
"...Wichita experiences rare 'heat burst' overnight
WICHITA, Kansas -- Article & Video June 9, 2011 - KSN 3 Television News - Last night Wichita experienced a very rare weather phenomenon known as a “Heat Burst.” At 12:22 a.m. the temperature at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport was 85 degrees. At 12:44 the temperature spiked to 102 degrees. This was a 17 degree increase in only 20 minutes. Winds also gusted between 50 and 60 MPH. The heat burst winds and temperatures rapidly dissipated as they spread across Sedgwick and Southern Butler Counties..."

And How about SNOW IN THE DESERT? Looks like dessert, just add sauce.

BBC News July 7, 2011

Bolivia - A large dump of snow has fallen on the Atacama Desert in South America desert and areas in other countries-Uruguay and Argentina with Below -0- Temperatures-Highly unusual Weather Events

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