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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Israel, it's all about doing the right thing!

"Israel is not about what Party one is from, it's about doing the right thing.” We need to to stand together, be righteous and watch each others back. We need to start standing up for Israel, recognize that our own US Government is implementing Agenda 21 into our lives and STOP IT NOW! We need to start a Freedom movement, with the people, as it will not come from government, unless we show them the way. This movement will grow across our great land like a wildfire across a prairie; extending across the globe to Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a movement of peace and understanding. If we do not re-recognize Israel as our Allie and comrade in arms, Israel as the USA will not be as it was before; we will be under an elite order of the United Nations and Israel will be of no more! America needs to wake up, as "Sustainability" is going to take away our flag and seize the moment in re-establishing its values, virtues and principles, if we wish to still be the greatest nation on earth! We need to talk about Iran’s nuclear probabilities and how we as two nations can resolve any use there of. Faith, honor and courage are what have preserved Israel through out time and we too could learn from this. In all my worldly travels, this was a factor in growing my knowledge and faith in mankind; learning from others, as all, no mater stature to religion have something to which we may all learn from. Just open up your heart, listen without speaking and walk away with a new foundation to life in its meaning. Israel has much to which we can still learn and though it is one of the countries I have yet to visit; I feel as though part of me is there, among the people to their faith in God. Someday, I may be able to visit and learn even more. We must preserve our alliances with Israel!
Here's an idea; split our troops in half to which are fighting in Afghanistan to other eastern shores and send one half to Israel to stand, arm in arm with the IDF along the West Bank and the other half to our boarders along our southern United States. Both to which send a strong message and both to which are a formidable force to contend with. Immigration across the southern borders will almost stop and to those whop would wish harm to Israel may just rethink their strategies! This too keeps our troops in tip top shape, without as much fear of facing death daily...

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