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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr. Hansimian's Hurricane Forecast; A Chimp is better than a Chump!

Dr. Hansimian's Hurricane Forecast.

Diplomatically essential for articulating and promoting the weather; A Chimp is better than a Chump!

There may be a better way but what the hay, we could save the country over 500 billion dollars a year, in disbanding NOAA. We could reinstate NASA or even balance the budget; what a concept!

...AND then the "Experts"...

And Dr. Jane in her request for more monies from our pool of money designed for Social Security and such stated with her "New satellite system, they could forecast 7 days out." They are 'LUCKY' if they get a three day good guess but when monies are involved; people seem to say anything. Lies to fairy-tales, NASA is on the rocks and NOAA is bending us over without even a reach around. Save the Country and Cut NOAA's Strings!

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