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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Partnership for Sustainable Dissolution of the USA

The servitude of Agenda 21: NOT FOR ME!

I think we need a real deficit reduction plan that must call for spending cuts. We need substantial deficit reductions being included in such a plan, for without that key factor, deficit reductions, we will have a negative outlook to the future. America cannot afford to borrow 44 cents of every dollar it spends on Agenda 21 items, awards and programs. It is time to trim the fat, not eat your cake and have it too.

You notice how NASA is gone today. Did you know it was part of the “sustainability space” plan of Agenda 21? The US Government has known about this for awhile, with Obama being the man to “Push the Button” in killing more American Jobs while handing it all over to the Russians and our new pagan ritual; the United Nations!

What happen to citizen-driven government? Why is it our own government holds their Cut, Cap, and Balance Act over our heads, when it was their problem to tackle years ago but through Americas favorite past time, procrastination, our Congressmen had better things to implement into law or to ignore the Executive Orders to which are sinking our country to that of the level of a third world country?

305 million Americans are now going to be subject to a strategy that was never put to a vote or referendum. Nothing new, the President has side stepped the Constitution better than a one legged man doing the foxtrot! It is brought to you by a word you better get use too, stakeholders, and no its not for killing vampires but it is an idea. On June 10, 2010, the President signed an Executive Order creating the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council; The National Prevention Council.

In order to come up with a strategy, which would be done by real people, those who have an interest in (Dollars), Stakeholders and the public who hear of something just too good to be true; they say there is a sucker born every minute, a plan was put into place called the National Prevention Strategy. A comprehensive plan that enforces good health not just from quality medical care, “but also from clean air and water, safe outdoor spaces for physical activity, safe work-sites, healthy foods, violence-free environments and healthy homes. WOW! Utopia! The survey says, one of which I never saw and I spend many an hour watching the government, that over 240 website submissions to letters from dozen organizations, conveniently not named but trust me, why would I lie and submitted directly to the National Prevention Council and the Office of the Surgeon General, to form a consensus, without your approval or Congress, for that matter! The media was never informed and thus you were never told of what is a coming. Now, 305 million Americans are going to be subject to a strategy that was never put to a vote or referendum.
The documents length is of 125 pages with our favorite word; “Sustainability.” The National Prevention Strategy is a comprehensive plan that enforces Agenda 21 to its fullest extinct. The National Prevention Strategy also has a new initiative: the Healthy People 2020 Plan. This Healthy people 2020 initiative, Eliminate health disparities, promotes healthy development and healthy behaviors across life stages, creates social and physical environments that promote good health, with interventions to include but not limited too: activities that influence health in areas of public influences as in Housing, Food and nutrition, In-school and outdoor education,Transportation, The workplace and Your “environment.” Look Ma, its “Shangri La” , we no longer are a Republic but a Totalitarian Government with Stakeholders ruling to what we can or cannot do! George Orwell must have had a crystal ball.

With this Healthy people 2020 initiative, President Obama established an Advisory Group on January 26, 2011 when he appointed 13 people as members, adding two more members on April 8, 2011. Some of the members are doctors; however, the majority are Stakeholders who are advisers giving guidance to the National Prevention Council. With the exception of two, the members of the National Prevention Council are:
Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, Council Chair, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Department of Health and Human Services, Secretary Tom Vilsack, Department of Agriculture, Secretary Arne Duncan, Department of Education, Chairman Jon Leibowitz, Federal Trade Commission, Secretary Hilda L. Solis, Department of Labor, Secretary Janet A. Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security,Administrator Lisa P. Jackson Environmental Protection Agency, Director R. Gil Kerlikowske, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Director Melody Barnes, Domestic Policy Council, Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk, Department of the Interior, Acting Chief Executive Officer Robert Velasco II, Corporation for National and Community Service, Secretary Robert M. Gates, Department of Defense, Secretary Robert M. Gates, Department of Defense, Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., Department of Justice, Secretary Erik K. Shinseki, Department of Veteran Affairs, Director Jacob J. Lew, Office of Management and Budget, and Secretary Ray LaHood, Department of Transportation.

That is a lot of Hay,Greenbacks, bucks, money in a time when the President threatens older people and the disabled they might not get paid. Well why not either dissolve this lynch mob, or have them each contribute a portion of their pay? As I said, “We the People” never knew of this new program now law and shoved down our throats! To What Cost is this Agenda Sustainable 21 Program? This group of the Presidents choosing individual intend to promote, for the rest of us, a “sustainable healthy lifestyle,” as we now have no voice or say so! How is that our government is now going to dictate how we live and conduct our lives in a manner that meets with their approval? Last I looked, we were the Republic to Which We Stand! If Obama wishes to dictate, move to Africa, I hear Libya maybe looking for a new Leader.

How is this group going to police these implementations of our Freedom? A Secret Police? The Health People Plan 2020 is going to initiate the “Eliminate of health disparities.” How is that exactly? How can they force a reduction in death, disease, and disability, in the United States? Internment Camps, come to mind but not here in America, well not since WWII and the Japanese. Partnership for Sustainable Communities (part of this National Prevention Strategy) “helps improve access to affordable housing and transportation options and reduce transportation costs while protecting the environment in communities throughout the country.” Again that word Sustainable, promoting “equitable development,” another code word for re-distribution of wealth; is that not found in the Karl Marx Doctrine? A equal social justice through stakeholders with participants working for the good of the state; Hail Mother Russia! Funny how it reeks of communism and now that NASA is about scraped, we are paying the Russians somewhere around 50 to 75 million dollars per Astronaut to fly to the Space Station. Well, we are then redistributing our wealth, are we not?

The most blatant Agenda 21 item of this National Prevention Strategy that has nothing to do with health is the Department of Interior’s America Great Outdoors Initiative, which supports a “grassroots approach to protecting our lands and waters. This is where the Rural Council comes in, Catch Shares, Coastal Spatial Planning, Marine Spatial Planning, Sector separation and the privatization of our waterways to oceans. All of this under a Health Plan? Talk about earmarks, no wonder the media cannot find anything. First they would have to work in finding it and then get Obama's permission to print it; What crap our country is in, we need someone willing to stand up and say “NO MORE!” I am, and who knows, the way the government is forming secret governments with in governments, I might disappear from a visit from Homeland Security, as a subversive; when all I want to do is keep our country into the Free Press, Freedom of Speech, Respect of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights to which our Republic stands! How can it be that we, Americans are now going to be subject to a strategy that was never put to a vote or referendum? Demand this question to your Representatives and Senators. Ask why they never were told and if they knew, what did they do to try and prevent its happening? They work for you, not the other-way around! Agenda 21's National Coordinating Body, is the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD); ask your Congressman his feelings on this duping of America. The U.S. Constitution requires that consensus on public policy be brought out in public by elected officials, not by 28 appointed individuals, carefully selected because of their known support of the principles expressed in Agenda 21. This UN description of the PCSD is found in a section of the report entitled “Integrated Decision-making,” also known as the “consensus” process. Believe me, Obama may be smart but not that smart and any elected who by-passes the Constitution and us, We the People, is a traitor and as Benedict Arnold, must be dealt with in a swift blow by Congressional means in either evoking the 25th Amendment or Impeachment, as to all of the Conspirators. We should have impeached Obama the moment he bypassed the Senate and implemented the UNCLOS Treaty into law. Not letting the United States Senate do its job, by an Executive Order. So to what good is the Senate if it is not used? Why am I trying to test the waters in becoming a US Senator, if it is an extinct animal?

The servitude of Agenda 21 cannot be tolerated by any American that values his freedom! My Campaign to Platform is based in quashing their entire Agenda as in Agenda 21, it effects all of us from Anglers to kids going to school. Please submit what you can and as much as you can in my war chest against Agenda 21 and together, we can kill this cancer before it takes our liberties away.
PLEASE DONATE NOW; it is much needed to fight those who wish harm on you & I through The servitude of Agenda 21!

National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Goals and Objectives for ActionProposed National Strategies For The Prevention Of Leading Work-related Diseases And Injuries

“Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

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