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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Eye's of Texas are upon us...

Texas added 537,500 non-agriculture jobs between June 2006 and June 2011, based on the latest seasonally adjusted figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
That’s nearly 10 times larger than the second-biggest increase by any state over the five-year span, with Texas adding 732,800 jobs in the past 10 years; only 19 states to include the District of Columbia, as well, posted any gains at all! The eyes of Perry are upon us, all the live long day, with all eyes on Perry as he may be crossing the Potomac, Captain of the helm, in a rescue to save the nation and with the grace of liberty.

Perry's Texas, avoided the real-estate bust that decimated the economies of Florida and California, alike during our 2008-2010 recession, creating some 251,700 new jobs in the past year, alone. Now there is a man with a plan!

Even into the next world, as Perry, like I, believe NASA should not be allowed to disappear into thin air like a magic trick, as President Obama would have it but it shall be reborn into space, the next generation; galaxies in waiting, with new planets as brides, in an exploration of new life. Obama believes the era of human space exploration has come to its end, only to be piggy-backed by the Russians, where as with his quick decision to end our domination of space, he has created a new frontier in presidential politics, the dawning of his demise!To this, as I stated once before and quoted on CNN,"...the Russians really did win the space race!"

If Governor Perry were to romance his bid for leadership of the greatest show on earth, America, we ought to look at his accomplishments, not his skeletons, as we all have at least one of those in the closet and goals are set on things to which have or will benefit all;employment, that's jobs, a feather in Perry's cap, something our current Commander in Chief cannot boast about, much less anyone else with the inclination to run! Just my ten cents worth...

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