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Monday, July 18, 2011

The communistic manifesto of America; AGENDA 21

The truth shall set us free as a people and a nation again! All to whom worship our Stars & Stripes,it is bipartisan by nature, as Americans all are called upon to rid this nation of the creeping evil at our back door. Agenda 21 and to all that follow in its footsteps, in a running down of our beloved America, I say NO! You will not trample on our Bill of Rights, Constitution, ways to which we work and play. Dictation of our fisheries to fishing with our children will not be taken away; President or not; you will not trample on my rights as you already have the American People. Why do you lie? Has agenda 21 consumed your soul too?

Help us in our fight for the right to fish and live free in the land we call the United States of America. The media is afraid of it so much they refuse to talk about it and maybe it will just go away? Follow me as our leadership grows in the colors of Red, White and Blue.

Americans and the American news media are all but ignoring the shenanigans by those who worship at the altar of the United Nations. The big story these days is the conflict between the U.S. Congress and President Barack Obama over the proposed debt ceiling increase, cuts in spending and the Democrat Party's favorite activity: Raising taxes on the rich. The real problem, is with the media's coverage of this United Nations labyrinth known as Agenda 21. Created in 1992 and implemented in incremental actions by the U.N. and its supporters in the U.S., E.U., and other countries whose populations are eager to benefit from the work of others especially those enjoying success in the United States.

Congress never approved the implementation of Agenda 21 programs in education, economics, the environment and other areas and though other presidents have recognized this scurvy to a scorched earth policy, President Obama, at the end of the Lame Duck session of Congress in January, as all were going home, did the Senates job for them in ratifying the LOST Convention or as we know it Agenda 21 of the Land of the Sea Treaty!

Agenda 21's, International Council of Local Environmental Initiative, ICLEI, have made deals with local governments numbering upwards of 600 cities, towns across the USA now in a step that ignores the Constitution in that these cities have made a pact with the devil, so to speak, as cities to States may make no concessions with foreign governments what so ever. The Feds have ignored it too and they are found in contempt of the law of our land. Proponents of Agenda 21 are not limited too but these are the big boys at bat: billionaire George Soros has provided millions of dollars to ICLEI. Former Obama czar Van Jones' Green for All and the Tides Foundations' Apollo Alliance are also reportedly ICLEI contributors.

The truth is, Agenda 21 promotes European socialism that by its nature will infringe upon our freedoms and liberties. Most of its vague, lofty sounding phrases cause the average person's eyes to glaze over, making it easier to sneak into our communities. Phrases like GreenPrint, Sustainability, sustainable growth, sustainable environments and such that look to sound good until you look inside the box! As a radical environmental agenda, the U.N. wishes to change consumption patterns, including ownership of property and automobiles all the while, successfully promoting social justice. In the United States, the Agenda 21 National Coordinating Body is the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD).

The U.S. Constitution requires that consensus on public policy be hammered out in public by elected officials, not by 28 appointed individuals, carefully selected because of their known support of the principles expressed in Agenda 21. This UN description of the PCSD is found in a section of the report entitled "Integrated Decision-making," also known as the "consensus" process. Just look at the Executive Orders Obama has passed without Congressional consent! Yet nobody talks about it, with the exception of I. As I stand here before you today and say NO TO AGENDA 21! The progressives laid the foundation for Agenda 21 in the 1960s when it became unlawful to pray in government schools. Now, as of this week, because it may offend the Hispanics of our country, these same progressives are trying to ban the US Flag from flying in schools to government buildings. If they do not like my stars and stripes to which my great, great, great uncle wrote “The Star Spangled Banner” they can leave!

Just as they crept into our schools, they used Magnuson-Stevens in its loop-holes in the upper Northwest in planning catch shares to sector separation on the salmon. Little by little, like the camel in A sop's fables, once the nose was in the tent, he took over the whole tent. I think it is time to cook the Camel! ...What do you think??? Sustainable Development in School Curriculum" is one of the 32 specific objectives of Agenda 21. This objective has been achieved in 63% of the participating nations, and in process in another 17%.

Education is a key ingredient in the transformation to a sustainable society. The UN Commission on Sustainable Development reports that in America, "the national strategy on education is prepared by the Department of Education and includes such programs as Goals 2000 and School to Work. Do you know that when our country is at its knees with the debt and default hanging overhead, President Obama recently offered 500 million dollars to any school to whom kicked out the ABC's and implemented Environmental Education as an alternative to regular studies K-12; with an Environmental Literacy test administered at the end of your schooling. Regardless of your grades, pass the Environment test and collect your reward of a H.S. Diploma? Part of the Environmental studies is on Marine Spatial Planning, Sector Separation and Catch Shares. Inquiring minds want to know! "EDF is now pulling all forces and funding to target the Gulf of Mexico as their model for catch shares. They view the Gulf as the prize and will stop at nothing to eliminate fishing and jobs."If all are taught this, a brain washing occurs to which one would no not the difference between freedom and the communistic manifesto of the fisheries.

Agenda 21 embraces virtually every aspect of human life; it is being implemented aggressively in the United States. Congress has never examined the totality of the Agenda. Instead, The ultimate objective of Agenda 21 is to establish "international norms" of personal behavior that are dictated by a handful of the world's enlightened elite, the councils, who believe they know best how people ought to live, fish and travel, therefore they should be allowed to tell people how it is, as indoctrinated in LOST, Agenda 21.


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