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Friday, August 12, 2011

57 U.S. Senators Protest U.N. Trade Treaty: NOT MY GUNS!

57 Senators sign a letter protesting calls from globalist to infringe on Second Amendment rights through a United Nations Trade Treaty say NOT MY GUNS!

Protecting Your second Amendment Rights in a Bipartisan movement with a letter to the President saying NO WAY, Go home with this idea as it is Not American. It is about time, Somebody Grew A Pair, and said "NO!" If The EO signed into law of LOST by Obama had, too been rejected; this would not have happened in the first place! As a member in good order of the NRA, RFA and an Exploratory Candidate for the US Senate, FL., 2012; I am proud that American Rights are being put first, for a change, over other Worldly Affairs to which the UN is behind too! I am not a violent person but if somebody wants my arms, they can have them; “One Cartridge at a time!”

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