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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tapes Reveal Real JFK Killers! Jack Ruby gives a clue...

Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed John F. Kennedy with a feat of marksmanship to which that has never been duplicate since? Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby as he calmly walked past reporters and Dallas Police officers like no one was there. That was probably because Jack Ruby was well known by many police officers within the Dallas Department of Operations, though it makes no sense since he was not an officer of the law but a strip club owner with possible ties to the syndicate (mob). Why would he be allowed in a chamber for transport? Not because he knew the man, because he did, as Oswald was known to have visited the establishment Ruby owned, many times and both Ruby as Oswald too were both Police informants. Jack Ruby was an acquaintance of Richard Nixon, too. With Oswald, out of the way, this put an end to any upcoming conspiracy investigation. All very convenient and wrapped up in a bow. Listen to what Jack Ruby said, at the end of the tape: "If Adlai Stevenson had been Vice President, there never would have been an assassination of President Kennedy." to which, the commentator ask,”"Can you explain that?” and Jack Ruby replied with "The answer is with the man who is in office now."

The answer to the question comes in the end of the footage, only to be backed up by the news release of Jackie-believed-Johnson-killed-JFK
NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Never-before-heard tapes of Jackie Kennedy in conversation with historian Arthur M. Schlesinger are to be released by ABC News for o the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Administration.

As Per "MY WORLD TURNS" a must read blog all the time!

Caroline Kennedy releases truth about her father

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