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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Boycott Your Local Walmart with Style!

Article written by Robert Montgomery, and is also posted at Activist Angler, Robert Montgomery's own website.
But before you wonder off and put together your own Boycott party, here is a note from our Publisher of The Online Fisherman: As the battle for our rights to fish the waters we've come to know and love, I have been truly blessed to become friends with guys like Robert Montgomery. Here's a man who's been an outdoors writer as long as I've been writing about the freak-en Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, or how to get rid of pink eyes in Photoshop. During those years, Robert's become the Senior Writer at Bass Publications, Senior Writer for Fishing Tackle Retailer, Contributing Editor for Stratos Magazine, sits on the Board of Directors for Recycled Fish, and is the Recipient of the Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award. It's an honor to have his material appearing here on our humble fishing magazine. You'll be hearing much from Robert about fishing for everything from his favorite largemouth bass to every other species you can imagine. Right now, though, Robert's concerned -- as are many of us -- that if we ignore the fact that there are people working hard to get us off the water, we're going to be participants in a once-famous, once-healthy, once-blessed, and once-legal sport called Recreational Fishing. Read this, and help us fight this battle. Because if you don't, you and your tackle and your way of life will be in a museum case -- guarded by the same college professors and UN participants that are now saying they need to put an end to recreational fishing. Where? The Gulf of Mexico.

You might say that it’s Tea Party time for recreational fishermen and if you are going to do it; do it right! FULL STORY HERE...called It's Tea Party Time for Recreational Fishermen, Starting at Walmart but we here in The Political Sandbox like to call it; How To Boycott Your Local Walmart with Style!

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