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Monday, August 1, 2011

Mace of Sharpness; the constitutional option, a Munchkin solution

If you believe in smelly outcomes or projections to scenarios and I was a betting man; the outcome thus far of the eleventh hour, is exactly what the President wants. Remembering back when he said, something to the effect of “it may cost me my election but it is my way or the highway!” It is kind of like playing “Munchkin” and President Obama has yet to play his Mace of Sharpness card, as the House & Senate have teamed together in a bid for the tenth level, in killing a monster and winning the game. The president holds in his had a veto card. Will he use it or will the deal between the House and Senate fall apart? Either way, wither the President can by-pass all, as he has already stated, will he use the power of the 14th Amendment solution, the constitutional option, to resolve the debt-ceiling debate, in having the President do what he does best, sign another Executive Orders, in another unconstitutional move in driving the country down the highway, his way! Tuesday will tell? Either way, in cutting military to the elderly components from our revenue spending components; we lose! Do we all rally around the Flag or is their one who stands away? Time will tell.
Changing the system: Political and constitutional reform, some options and difficulties (Monograph / Australasian Political Studies Association)Filibusters and the "Constitutional Option".: An article from: National Right to Life News

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