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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Halibut - Save the Halibut Charters

Save the Halibut Charters

For years, Alaskans have enjoyed fishing with family and friend aboard charters for halibut. This is in immediate danger! The National Marine Fisheries Service is setting up to further restrict the industry and, in result, will destroy a way of life for thousands

We all know how interconnected Alaska is and many local economies depend on the halibut charters to bring business. The plan is to not only to create Charter IFQ's but to reduce the halibut bag limit to just one and create a size limit as well. Please click on this link for the petition, fill in out and send it in. Thank you!

Thank You All in Saving a lifetime of anglers to which wish not to have Halibut fishing but a memory of the past, based on a non-scientific value; "the best available science" is not really anything more than the best available guess at the expense of those who make a living taking people fishing.  Giving way to a commercial industry where discards, are but fish too small too keep so they are killed out right with no regards to life in general and their IFQ's are tonnes in selling our fish to somebody else. You can personally thank Dr. Jane Lubchenco  of NOAA/NMFS for these new ideas and, of course places like Walmart, who stand to make millions off of our fish, all the while putting the little guys and guides out of business. Please fill out the form and mail it in. You will be glad you did in knowing you saved somebodies job, maybe.

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  1. Thank you for posting this Gary. We've been battling the legislation to cut fishing for the charter sector for over tens years. It is a tiring fight but we cannot loose vigilance. It is at one of the most crucial times in history to stand up for not just an industry but a way of life. Alaska has had subsistence, living off the land, for thousands of years and I personally believe and know scientists are over-inflating numbers to scare the public and gain support. If anyone questions me, contact me at and I'll show you the data myself. I've spent years testifying and petitioning to have this nonsense oversight stopped and forced to reevaluate their methods. My only hope is more people stand up for their rights with me.


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