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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Dupping of America: BOYCOTT WALMART

Watchdog group's report says $1B in government subsidies have aided the retailer's expansion. uses taxpayer dollars to create jobs that tend to be poverty-wage, part-time and lacking in adequate healthcare benefits." And that 75% Full-time jobs they boost of at the end of the article, represents 28 hrs a week plus, you get Full-time status. Full time part time job no wonder you can't afford 35 dollar a week health insurance at minimal wage.
And While your at it just Boycott the whole store!

These names look familiar? Ocean Conservancy, Conservation International Foundation, Marine Stewardship Council, World Wildlife Fund and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Well they should, your friendly Wal-Mart announced "investments" totaling more than $71.8 million awarded to them, last year in “Buying Up Your Fishing Spots!” An additional 36 million handed over this year to help in the lock down of Privatization of the Oceans of the USA. And you thought they just sold fishing equipment for a profit. Those rod and reels to baits and lures are angling to own a piece of that water you fish and then lease it back to you at a “Roll-Back” price. Catch Shares are catching on in Congress so President Obama and his Yellow brick Road Club, led by Dr. Jane Lubchenco, keep changing the names, to protect their self-interests. With Agenda 21, it started with ICLEI then changed to Smart Growth, then to Sustainable whatever and so on but with Catch Shares we now have the so called "marine protected areas." That could be somewhere to every where! A Cover it all phrase that smells of Pew Charitable Trusts, who has billions in reserve to fight for its right to own your ocean. I'll bet PEW to EDF will not back my campaign in The Right To Fish because I FISH and I VOTE! Even if I am only testing the waters for US Senate, Florida, I'll take a broadside before I'd take a dime from those scaly wags!

Walmart gets millions to billions in Subsidies, YOUR TAX DOLLARS, to sell you sweat labor and ruin your neighborhood. Take away your community, take away your fish, and use that word "Sustainability" code word for Agenda 21!

Ma Bell, Standard Oil; Monopolies. WALMART???
How Not to Get On the Ballot as a Senator...or Testing the Waters in a row boat fighting a battleship, I'll need help!! 

If we as Americans want to save money and buy American Products then we need an all out Boycott of Walmart Stores. Those Roll-Out Prices you are paying for with Government Taxpayer Subsidies. You didn't think they were just cheaper because they are big, did you? They are the biggest Union Busting giant around and they are King of the Hill! Look at our state of Florida where if you work for them, it's either part time, no health benefits or full time and you cannot afford what they offer, so you are now eligible for Medicare. Florida has almost all of its Walmart Associates on your dime, so they can make more money off you...and you let them, by buying there every day? Why? Let's watch the pigs fly and all boycott Walmart as they do not own me, my neighborhood or the fish in the ocean!

Ma Bell to Standard Oil Company were both busted as Monopolies as such, they are not allowed by law, going back to the railroad days of the frontier. Walmart is but a large Chinese Company with an American Name and an American Family taking advantage of hard working Americans in selling predominantly foreign products to Americans. Walmart is but a conduit to the capitalism in this country to which they have not a clue! Now, that Walmart has put many a small business down, they are going after the fishing grounds to which is or was American owned. Soon, you will be buying fish tags to go fishing as Walmart will own your oceans, to creeks, streams and lakes you use to call home.WE CAN WIN, it has been done before and will be done again...

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