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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Michele Bachmann recognizing the Enemy

Finally, Michele Bachmann, someone else, too, is listening or at least recognizing that this "never ratified by the Senate" TREATY! As I screamed about as the New Year came in and the Lame Duck Flew out.

LOST convention of the United Nations is a real threat to our humanity as Free Americans. Now if just the Powers to be could figure it out?

Agenda 21, signed by the United States but never ratified by the Senate, lays out international goals for saving the Earth, but for conservatives of Bachmann's ilk, it's a conspiratorial course of action and "a gateway to a global government built on a radical doctrine of secular environmentalism," as Mother Jones reports today.

The sugar coated Mother Earth's article on "First they came for the light bulbs", ended a paragraph with "(The United States is a signatory, but the treaty has not been ratified by the Senate.)Makes it sound not so bad except when President Obama did his "Signatory" thing, it was in the form of a Executive Order, therefore bypassing the Senate and making it an Unconstitutional law! Thus, in doing so, the President of the USA broke the law and there is no sugar coating about that!

It is also worth noting that Mother Jones,offers some of the best journalism outlets, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and universities around in reporting but too. with that said, "How far does the apple fall from the tree?" A Leftest journal, with ties to The Open Society Institute (George Soros) and Tides, Sunlight, and Ashoka groups as well as associated within the same game frame as the Huffington Post Green; who will not not be linked too, as they have banded me from posting on their site or FaceBook as my political views are of a difference to them and as such they must FEAR MY WORDS: “Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

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