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Friday, November 4, 2011

A 99% Question; Why A National Ocean Council ?

The President called for the creation of a National Ocean Council, an organization of stakeholders, the 1%, to coordinate federal regulation of activities along the nation’s coasts. One has to notice that “clean” word, “STAKEHOLDERS” as the government would not wish for anybody to think the Government was in bed with a monopoly of NGO's to whom will own your public waterways and tell you, John Joe Public, when, where and if you are allowed to fish because they said so!

Stakeholders, such as the likes of EDF, PEW, Walmart and others who stand to make a dollar or two off of you; the American Public in owning your public water. Today it is fish, tomorrow could it be if your allowed to swim in it or even view it without a paid for permit? The 99% question is why is our ocean for sale?
This is all taking place through “marine spatial zoning” of the seas off our nation’s coastlines. This same type of planning and zoning practices applied on land as land or water are but the same under the Executive Order President Obama signed, unconstitutionally, without consent of our US Senate in ratifying a treaty with the United Nations called LOST. Under LOST, we as Americans lose our rights to the land, sea and air space over them to United Nations rule. To oversee this operation is the National Ocean Council and the National Rural Council.

Whatsoever it is called, whatever liberates are stolen from the people it is still but one thing; more over regulated governmental bureaucratic rules that are needed when we are suppose to be cutting down on big government and regulations. More administrated federal regulated policies destroying American jobs to us eating to purchasing more of our fish from foreign operators and some in our own waters! What happened to by Americans for Americans Mr. President?

The Recreational Fishing Alliance, to which I am proudly a member thereof, is not in recognition of the Presidents National Ocean Council. Marine spatial zoning, coastal and marine spatial planning, imposed by the Councils and its NGO organizations, along with NOAA and NMFS are but giving hard-hitting blows to the American fisherman. It is a chapter in killing a our long history of American fisheries to an end. These stakeholders are holding the livelihoods of many an American in their hands when they stop the fishing in an area based on flawed to no science but remember the word stakeholders, like stockholders, it is all about money; not fish and if it kills an industry, so what, they made a bundle!

It is all about supply and demand. Remember those days in school. You need a pencil to do your math problems. Your teacher says a number two pencil only will do. The companies that supply pull all the number two pencils from the market. That fifty cent pencil just doubled if not more in price because it is out. It is done too with gasoline. Those numbers at the pump; supply and demand. This, of course is in the simplest form but too, if you cannot but say Tuna, what happens to the price? Now control the tuna and your stakeholders make a mint over your greed! The 99% are barking at the wrong people; they ought to be on the fence at the White House.

Now this National Ocean Council is in talk of restricting our use as a recreational resource. What are they going to do; see tickets to go to the beach? That is a 99 dollar Question but we do know there is scuttlebutt of selling fishing tags to the public, if you want to catch a fish owned by, say, Walmart. Since when did the ocean go up for sale? When President Obama put it up for sale to the highest bidder; in zones, parcels and pieces! The Councils then regulate who gets your fish, tells you where you can go boating, who can have industrial activities and who cannot. It is happening today and if the American Public does not wake up soon and start listening to the rhetoric behind the man, behind the curtain, we just might wake up with China owning and operating along the beaches where you live. Don't forget to go buy that ticket to go to the beach though because, Russia bought that one up too. How do you like them fish?

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