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Saturday, November 26, 2011


OPERATION: VIRTUAL CONGRESS! Hi! My name is Gary A. Anderson and I am a Virtual Exploratory Candidate for the US Senate, Florida 2012 election, to which, when I announce, my opponent will be whom ever the Republicans pick from their primary and Senator Bill Nelson. My ideas are fresh and bold! Like the virtual Congress, in that most of our Congressional doings would be slated to be done on secured lines, online. The Commander in Chief can virtually do anything online and through TELNET-conferencing while aboard Air Force 1. We have the technology, we have the know how, yet we still waste monies on twentieth century methods, while working in the twenty-first century. Why is that? Government needs to go online in saving a bundle of needless expenditures! Paper to clips went out the window yesterday, the day of virtual go everywhere from bombs to governments are here to stay. Look at the Mars Rover; bet it is operated in a virtual reality too.

The whole world works online. Revolutions have been started and coordinated online; why cannot a government run online? Think outside of the box every once in a while and just maybe save a bundle in dollars, to which cuts to Medicare or Social Security might not be on the table anymore. At 535 members in Congress, that is a lot of expenses flying right out the window, needlessly! Mind you, due diligence needs to be thoroughly done before many of my following ideas may come to a reality but, in a time where we need to cinch up our budgets and belts, why would we not favor a new way of doing 21st century politics?

The House of Representatives alone minus its salaries spent $268,306,443 in April of 2011 on food & Beverages, travel,rent, mail, child care, printing, and two expenditures called “other” and “supplies.,” parking and Student Loans. Did they go back to school? And what of the “Student Loans” from Sallie Mae Servicing Corp.? I thought that group was broke and into housing, not education. The total Appropriations was $633,248,684. with Expenditures totaling at $304,027,488. To this each member of the House alone, 435 members have an allowance of anywhere from a million to a million and a half dollars on top of their salary. Added to this our .43 cants up to $1. 32 per mile drive times 64 for gasoline expenses but not allowed to charge less than $6, 200.00. Each member is to given monies to have a clerk at the rate of $944,671.00 and we wonder to why we are going broke; its all going to the heads of Congress! I believe not only do we need a more virtual government but a pay cut is in order too! This is just the House! Senate not included....

The Super Committee was looking to cut what? That number is a whole lot of waste at just over 3 trillion dollars for paper clips and such times 12 months a year to run a government! The same needed to do what is needed in Washington, on a laptop via SKYPE or whatever, I'll bet the farm, would be a whole lot cheaper. The expenditures I looked at were for three months of House Expenditures and they came to just over a trillion dollars. Look Ma! I ain't even in office yet and I found a trillion dollars of wasted expenditures. CUT, CUT, CUT! I think we need to take some bold steps and cut, cut, cut and while we are at it; we might want to get with the rest of the world an hop on board, the online magic craze, in creating our very own virtual government!

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