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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Principles in Leading the Country; A Call For Help!

I too am on a crusade, where together we can overcome the obstacles set before us. Together, we can show that our system really does work, regardless of Party as long as there are Principles to which we stand by and Deeds to which support our words, from the heart. I am there for you and I hope you, too are there with me.

I am in a fight but not for the Tories! I am in a fight for one of those seats in the Senate in giving the country a choice and in giving Congress a mediator, so to speak because if elected, I would be the first Whig to be in the Senate in over 150 years. Suddenly, a chance for all, on both sides to take time to reflect the values of what is at stake and a time to make the right decision. As one alone, in the Senate I would reflect the standards to which our country was founded upon; freedom and as such would unite us stronger than ever before but I too am seeking donations; as this is what it takes to get into such. You ask of me, my dollars to achieve your cause, I ask of you, what can you do for me?
Gary A. Anderson
Exploratory Candidate
US Senate 2012
The Fl. Whig Party

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