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Friday, November 25, 2011

Common-sense for Latinos

Common-sense for Latinos We need a 'humane' approach to migrants in America; we need Common-sense for Latinos! That is what makes us different than all other countries in the world; its not a threat to our security, its a declaration of others wishing to be free, too! Alabama's new law, HB56 reminds me of something you saw and heard of when I was a youngster and stories of horror were told on our black and white TV of those being shot at the Berlin wall. Now in America, I am ashamed. At 12 million undocumented Latinos in the US today, why not the proverbial carrot? Why would we not work out a way to embrace this new taxable additive into our system, as they are here voluntary are they not? By giving them the choice to become legal or leave, I'll bet my boots the only ones going back are those to whom are wanted somewhere else and wish not to be sent there. Those who do not support the influx of more registered real Americans do so because they wish to exploit those to who are not documented, ensuring a supply of cheap labor. That is Americanism reduced to Civil War era thinking, that is slavery. The Secure America Act, purposed by the late Ted Kennedy from 2005, would tighten the borders but award legal status to undocumented workers already in the country; giving both sides a plus, a win, win. I embrace Newt's comments in"restoration within the Republican party of common sense on immigration." It just makes good sense! You know the difference between most Latinos and us born here in America? They speak two languages, for the most part, as we but one. Maybe we ought to embrace our southern brothers as we too, could learn and together be a stronger America!

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