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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No it's Not a Tea Party but a Tree Party

A new party is in town, The Tree Party and with it comes the Christmas Tree Tax. A long, long time ago, a Revolution came just after a tea tax was imposed with the outcome relating to "...taxation without representation." To which, if this be true to the cheery time of Christmas, with a "Tree Tax" imposed by executive order from President Obama, it would seem it to be unconstitutional but hey, this is the man that ratifies treaties without the Senate or Congressional order, for that matter!

....going back a few years where Taxation without representation could get one in a real pickle...there was once upon a time when a tea tax was imposed...tea went into the harbor and we know where that story led; Goodbye British hello America. Maybe this is the tree Party as to was their tea party! Hey, it could have been worse; he could have taxed the ornaments too...

What really burns my butt is, if a Boy Scout troop was selling trees for Christmas and they sell 500 or more, they are taxed a revenue of 15 cents per tree. Sold or Not! And too add more disbelief, if they are raising monies let us say for the needy, at 500 trees that is 75 clams a family will not have because we cannot cut spending but we can take monies from the mouths of babes!

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