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Monday, November 14, 2011

Obama Casts His War Shawdow on Nigeria

As I have preached to deaf ears for weeks now, if we pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq, it would be a savings of two billion plus per week, we were not there. Added to this, if we pulled away from Africa, we too could even save more; too include lives lost to battle. You want to stay, then leave a smaller footprint, like in Korea. But too this idea of withdrawal, instead Obama reached into the bottomless money pit and sent more troops to Africa, casting a shadow of war, in Nigeria, in search of the Lords Army & the Nigerian Taliban? A band of bandits who plunder to pillage everywhere they go! Funny how the countries to which we are to play police are rich in Diamonds, Gold or Oil! Nigeria seems to be the base target, though Uganda too may have large deposits of the black gold. When I was in Nigeria, it was for oil exploration and boy, Oh Boy, do they have this; oil!

Now, according to, The Guardian, a paper I use to read in London between classes, the Pentagon is casting a large shadow into the darkest spots of the Nigerian jungle. This is a shadow of war, to which we look more like Obama's Empire rather than a Republic, I fear, as U.S. troops are headed in to help local forces, in a battle with Boko Haram, an Islamic terror group, the Nigerian Taliban, that have killed more than 400 people this year. This escalating campaign of bombings and shootings by Taliban gave us the USA an invite to the party, too which Congress has yet to have a say? When is enough, enough? Congress can stop Obama if it wants too and the idea that it's an election year, is a bad excuse for American lives to involvement. They need to act BOLDLY and go over the Presidential powers that are floundering this country one dollar at a time, one war at a time, one soldier, at a time and now the idea of Iran is in his sights? Hell in a hand basket, is all I have too say and for what cost is it?

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