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Saturday, November 26, 2011

At least give me a good cookie recipe

This is a short comment, but one I could not stop myself from writing. It's about cookie recipes. Cookie recipes, you might ask? Cookie recipes. This is a political sandbox; a place where my dear friend, fellow wordsmith, and all-around cool angling master Gary Anderson works hard to distribute his and others' findings about the happenings behind the illusion we have been calling the governing body of our great nation. Cause they ain't governing anything. What they're governing in Washington DC, what they've governing in state halls, and what they're governing in cities around America is their own wealth.

So what am I doing talking about flour, crushed walnuts, and sprinkles? Martha Stuart. That's what I'm talking about. When I was a kid, a guy named Graham something was the first TV cook, and like a zombie I used to watch that guy cook great stuff. And I learned from the guy. I learned how to cut vegetables. I learned how to caramalize a pearl onion. He got me into the hearts of many a beautiful woman in my scouting days. Make a woman laugh, sweeten the onions, and you don't have to be Robert Downey Jr. Believe me, you don't. I married one of is very first (of lots, I am sure) girlfriends.

Graham used to drink a lot on TV. So much, in fact, that he smacked his car into a tree driving home from the set one day. That got him into God and off TV. But others were there. My favorite, though, was Martha. That babe had class. A businesswoman with the best of them, I admired her. She made a hell of a souffle, but she employed a lot of people. I've been there. I know how healthy America is to people like Martha. And me.

Martha knew about a trade. She was the insider, for heaven's sake. What do you think she did with the ill-gotten gains? Think she buried it in her flour canister, or spent it on something, somewhere, that put people to work doing something.

Martha went to jail for insider trading. Granted, it wasn't hard time in a hard place, but it kept her from going where she wanted and doing whatever the hell she wanted for a pretty long time. I hated seeing a stupid regulation/law send Martha to jail.

Now I find out that it's legal to dow what Martha did for our legislatures? It's ten times worse. They make the laws and regulations that -- the day their greasy hands sign the paperwork -- change the value of their prior investments. THe ones they make thursday afternoon increase 1,000 percent on Friday afternoon.

They need to go to the same 'country club' their laws sent our friend Martha Stuart to. This is so disgusting it makes me want to share in the misery. I want every American -- ever honest and hard working American -- to share the misery of my anger.

They are literally breaking their own laws. They make a law and then hide and profit -- dramatically profit -- doing things they sent Martha to jail for.

And they didn't give me one God Damned cookie recipe for the holidays.

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