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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Goals For A Sustainable Florida


Goals For A Sustainable Florida

Agenda 21 and all its components to include ICLEI in our cities and counties, to Catch Share initiatives involving Sector Separation, Coastal & Marine Spatial Planning and the implementation of all other United Nation protocols that relieve the American of the Freedoms to which we have fought and spilled blood for. Dues to the UN are unconstitutional as to which all protocols called for, in the treaty signed by Executive Order, Land of the Sea Treaty, LOST by President Obama earlier this year of our Lord 2011, are to unconstitutional as this treaty to and with the UN was NOT RATIFIED bu the US Senate, therefore making it nullified and void, Executive Order or not! By eliminating all aspects of Agenda 21, throughout Florida and the country, it will downsize bureaucratic government in additional rules to regulations and open our job market and bring new enterprises into the state in creating a business friendly market.

Rules and regulations of big government to banks that cannot fail are strangling our state in making it harder to purchase a new car to a new home. The Florida Legislature must come forward in making some bold statements to the nation in showing Florida will lead the way to a stronger nation. Bank fees in Florida must stop! Banks already make money off your money, why should they make more off the money you do not have extra to give them?

Here in Florida we have the DEP, Department of Environmental Protection, so why do we follow rules to regulations set forth by the EPA? We have our own protection and do not need a partnership in disasters. If the Federal Government wishes to ban the EPA, that is wonderful, less strangulation to small businesses but we, here in Florida must push our Florida Legislated group to press for State Sovereignty and end an era of dictatorship with the EPA.

Supporting an “idea” of creating a Florida Housing initiative, in that we have so many houses either in foreclosure or foreclosed on. With this bubble in houses sitting vacant, how could we allow those who want, to have, what we have; vacant houses? HUD is another failure gone wrong yet it still thrives and does nothing but impose more rules to regulations to those in need. There is no special mode of one size fits all. Yet, with HUD, a big governmental agency, it thrives while many a homeless in Florida are in need but do not fall with in their rules. Florida needs its own regulatory agency, not HUD, in that people could rent to own, sweat equity in fixing it up, to rentals in general. Why cannot the state work out a solution with the banks and put a roof over its peoples heads. Floridians have a vision, I have a vision and we together could make this happen.

Many are against the idea of “Drill baby Drill” off Florida's coast. I have respect for that but I too drive a car? Oil is a mainstay to the world from the plastic keyboard I am typing this on to the gasoline in my truck. Alternative fuels are being investigated and in some cases, used but oil at this time in our world is a mainstay, like it or not. Gas exploration is the new generation, as it is of a plenty but again one must drill to get it. If Florida is not to partake in passing State Sovereignty, oil exploration could happen with or with out our governments approval, as Agenda 21 kicks in, with LOST, as our State waters are now only three miles from shore and if say, Brazil wished to drill in Federal waters, it could and would off your Florida beaches. Florida needs to reject Agenda 21 and take our State waters back. If Florida were to get into the oil game, I would suggest the building of a new refinery at one or more of our deep-water ports. A refinery has not been built since the 1960's in the USA because of EPA rules and regulations. It is a gold mine waiting for somebody to strike it rich bring in jobs, jobs, jobs! To that, in Florida cheap prices at the pump and a new beginning.

In Florida we have the Florida Lottery. We have bingo halls in almost every city. We have gaming on reservation owned property. We have the dog tracks but we do not have open gaming or sports betting; Why is that? You cannot say, Florida does not want gambling, as we already have it. If we were to set a standard where a fair percentage went towards our homeless population and maybe, say, a fund in helping those in additional needs from medical to housing, why would we not allow more? It would mean construction jobs for the Gaming halls and hotels to roadways and maintenance. It would require servers, management, cooks, dealers, plumbers and on and on. A win, win with more jobs in Florida by Florida for Florida! On the other hand and food for thought, looking on the other side of the fence; Florida could probably generate more revenue by raising fees on license plates or increasing the sales tax by a penny or so, than through legalized gambling but I pay enough on my license plates and on my fixed income, do not want more taxes on my goods making my income smaller. I like the idea that thousands of jobs in the construction and service industries would be created, as I can think of a couple of people out of work where I live and I'll bet you can too.

Florida needs to step up to the plate with its internet sales, as other states have enacted this proposal, we too should consider this idea as it would expand our states coffers in more revenue; for every 10 percent of internet-only retail sales returned to Florida retailers (either through an internet sale or a sale at a physical store), total Florida retail sales will increase by between $2.8 billion and $3.1 billion by 2020 with an expected impact of 8,300 to 9,200 additional jobs. Expanding our immediate revenues between $449.6 million and $454 million in 2012. All of this in just making those online, in sales, to play by the same rules as bricks and mortar retailers. A tax Fairness rule is needed as it would encourage economic growth and foster job-creation in Florida while addressing the priorities the state needs in raising revenues. With additional revenues coming into the state coffers, the Florida Legislature and the Governor could then relieve the burdens of new business by offering lawmakers revenue-neutral options by eliminating the corporate income tax. More sales, more jobs, more incentives; Florida for Florida First, maybe the rest of the country could follow with such put through Congress too.

At anytime, anywhere, the President, while aboard Air Force 1, has full correspondence as well the capabilities to address the nation or the world at the touch of a button. We too, as Americans, with our Black Berries to I pads, laptops, whatever, too are connected to the world at the touch of a button. SO Why do Congressional Representatives have to travel to and fro in an attempt to run our country? Kind of archaic is it not, during this era in our lives of electronics! Think how much it would save us tax payers, if we were not paying for Room and Board to the renting of private jets to go to work, all while receiving a six figure salary? Sure, maybe for two weeks out of the year, a trip would be in order but the rest of the time; at home, tapping buttons on a very secure line!

And now that our Congress are tapping buttons on secure lines or not, they still work less than, in generalities, 140-160 days a year. A six figure salary for half a years work and this year, how hard are they actually working? I purpose that a ten percent or more salary reduction be in order for all of our Congress and the President. If the cuts start here, make them start at the steps to freedom; with the President & Congress! Making a statement the American people will applaud too.

Florida for Floridians! Nobody else is going to look after our affairs, so we better start now. I need your help in putting in a bid to run as the first third party on the ballot from our past, The Whig Party. Hence, I live in Florida so I am an ambassador of The Florida Whig Party and I implore you to donate no matter which party you are registered in because this is not about parties; just Florida and how it will effect you and I. These are but IDEAS! It is my CONVERSATION with Florida but if I cannot fill my coffers to get on the ballot, my thoughts for a better Florida, Country and wellness for all, will just be dust in the wind. Will You Please Give to help out your Country and State? Third Party Politics, with a back to the basics attitude; as it was the Whig party that started it all in the first place. Why not give a hand to the underdog? You never know where it may take the country but I promise you this: Principles before Party, Personality and Profit with deeds not words. It's just that simple!

Florida First
In showing the way
A Direction for Congress to follow;
A Union of One,
The Republic for which We stand!

Make Your Vote Count!

Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

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