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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Florida's OTTED: Could Be Our Savior

BILL KACZOR's article, in Bloomberg Business Week; New Fla. agency to attack economic development is a good article but fails to ask why after the applauded job of shutting down the Department of Community Affairs and merging it into OTTED, Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development, would even consider throwing good money after bad in planning amendments that will permit more than a million new housing units to be constructed here, where Florida has a glutton in the housing market with failed loans, foreclosure and abandoned residential building sites? As well, the article brings up the statement to quote, 'As part of that effort, he said the department will ask the Legislature to change the name of the assistance given to jobless workers.

"The governor firmly believes that we need to indecisive people not to go to work, so we're going to propose during the next session to re-brand unemployment compensation to `re-employment assistance.'"

This is more money, spent on a Legislation, that needs not to be for by renaming the wheel, it will not make it move any faster; it is still a wheel and needs incentive behind it, not a name change. Put our people back to work, not the Legislature, they have enough on their plates already in our war on Job Growth and to see light at the end of the tunnel, like as seen in Florida's Gambling ventures! An idea in aggressively working to bring in revenues to the State, while also addressing jobs to construction is for this new Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development to review a new comprehensive strategy on Gaming to Gambling laws. Florida needs a process that respects each and every counties wishes thoughts on gambling; those counties too wish not to partake in this venture may, at their own local level ban it and those to whom wish it, get it! With a suggested decrease in taxation rates and being more lax on gaming policies, high stake billion-dollar resort proponents could flourish in Florida, with Florida catching the dust from the sidelines in making for a reasonably high performance for future State revenues, allowing for more government to stay open for business and bringing more tourists to us.

Environmentalists and growth management advocates of Florida, as well, those in the remodeled Department of Community Affairs, have been a thorn in the foot to growth. A downsizing voice; where the State of Florida could make leaps to bounds in creating job growth if we quit fumbling around in more useless spending by formally changing names; that cost monies better used elsewhere and did nothing in creating more needed jobs. By abolishing the Department of Community Affairs, Florida may once again get back into the construction game of the commercial kind from Port expansions, to new business complexes, to infrastructure with less restrictions on how we walk on the grounds we live! This new OTTED maybe ought to be rethinking about 'how to redevelop and change our existing foreclosure laws and until alternative fuels come out of their infancy of development, relaxing our views on oil. This would bring in more jobs and help in a boost in alternative fuel development, as we would reap the benefits of both, as we wean ourselves off the possibility of petroleum based production. Covering all our bases and helping to ensure a practical growth for Florida. We could be the “poster-child of the nation!”

I, Gary A. Anderson, too am a tree-huger but not to the extent that I would live in a tent while their was a forest around me; I would build a house of lumber, allow others to chop and build more houses but in return, restrict the number of houses made of lumber in the community and plant a new tree for each chopped. That is environmentalism, not banning the building of anything over a blade of grass in its way to not allowing progress to jobs happening because it might upset the balance of the time. Construction to relaxing certain restrictions on new businesses will bring growth to Florida and the nation, as well! Something our Environmentalist have forgotten to do; advise, not direct.

Think With Your Hearts and Vote for Your Principles and Florida, as our Great Nation, will thank You for it! I, Gary A. Anderson, in Testing the Waters for Senate am Running on the the virtues of “Principles before Party, Personality or Profit, with deeds not words”, in a bid of Exploratory Candidate, US Senate FL 2012...The Florida Whig Party.

Give Me A Dollar & Give a Me a Chance!
In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,
Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

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