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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Organizations to include Jihad al-Ansar Media and Ribat Media Center, as well as others, like the IRA , Anwar al-Awlaki, found themselves Tweeting posts up from time to time. The-revolution-in-social-media Jihads have come to depend on free web hosting, where content can be uploaded anonymously, without fear of “payback.” Yet the secret on goings behind closed doors and not disapproved by the Commander in Chief, can take out those to whom are a threat by Drones, anywhere in the world. Why are they not targeting the ones on the net and killing them. This practice only takes away the rights to communicate across the web, factors to which could put people in harms way and may not be in conflict with the first amendment as the act of shutting down such kills nobody, just the ability to broadcast directions which may put others in harms way. I would rather be in defense of the first amendment in fighting for words rather than the Bill of Rights: the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee that a “person” cannot be seized by the government unreasonably, and the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee that the government may not deprive a person of life “without due process of law.”

I am not in support of this man or the other that was blown up as “collateral” damage; anyone who would hide behind a cause and kill innocents in a statement is a coward but too, unless it is a declared war, in a country under siege, that coward, if an American, has rights and if we are to believe in those rights, we cannot pick to choose to which ones are right this week. Another Gaddafi? That would fall into the rights under assassinations to war motives and too which many may not care but it was not a leader to whom gives refuge to terrorist and to which, we have been trying to take out since the falling apart of ARMCO. It was an American with a twisted point of view to what he believed in. He was not acting out in my backyard where he could have been arrested, he was in Yemen, somewhere on a dirt road, traveling somewhere before he was sent his invitation to hell.

One has to wonder to why the IRA was not targeted in that it would seem, they take responsibility for the BP incident, “The Gulf oil spill? Our crafty plan to take down the price of British Petroleum so we can buy it and make Irish. To be sure to be sure.” (Tweet 1 June 10 ) or “This bomb was brought to you by BP, We Care.” 14 June 10, that was in American waters, unless you argue of the treaty ratified by Obama in January of 2011, making those waters that of United Nations International Waters, too which I as an American do not respect nor believe in. Does that make me a threat too because I believe in the Red, White and Blue and not of a convention set for me to follow by the U.N.?

Under SB1151, civil libertarians, Facebook users and free press advocates alike would be considered a terrorist. Are you a cyber terrorist? If US military contractors, President Obama and the Democrat and Republican leadership have their way, the answer is yes. Under the veil of a virtual media black-out, the Senate Judiciary Committee met Thursday to finalize SB1151 ? the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2011. Simultaneously, civil libertarians, Facebook users and free press advocates alike began sharing scenarios of who would be considered a terrorist under this legislation. The frightening answer is, everyone. Keeping an eye to the sky for nobody is safe now!

Are You a Cyber Terrorist?

The Senate Judiciary Committee met to finalize SB1151, the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2011; in a time when jobs are at stake to those looking at foreclosure, to those already homeless and we are wasting monies on such bills when we should be concentrating on the country and its peoples needs! Not Cyber Security! I need your support if I am to be on the ballot and put an end to such type of legislation. We need to concentrate on the bigger issues, Jobs, Education, medical coverage, our rights to gun ownership, following the Constitution and allowing God back into the country all the while kicking all NGO out of government and telling all foundations to do as they do and not to tell me what I have to do. Dissolve the LOST plan, curtail if not kick out the United Nations from our shores and let them make another continent “Sustainable” as we are as Free and wish not the chains of “Sustainability!” Please Donate to your cause in Saving America and together we can bring Florida to the top of where everybody will want to be! Leading the way for jobs, housing, better education, religious freedoms and the right to bear arms, all the while allowing the FWC to do the job it was formed to do; manage Florida Wildlife.Please Donate and I thank You much; Principles before Party, Personality or Profit with Deeds not Words!

Will You Not Help Me, Help You, Help America, Just ONE BUCK and Make a Change! In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson


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