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Monday, October 17, 2011

Making Wrong Right; Support HR3061!

Jim Hutchinson of the RFA, Recreational Fishing Alliance, posted this on the RFA Facebook page in luring anglers to all in hopes of support in contacting the right people in helping our fishing industry survive. Below is what he posted:

"Pew doesn't like, EDF doesn't like it, the head of NOAA doesn't like it (which is the same as saying Pew and EDF are opposed), but for fishermen forced to adhere to arbitrary deadlines, the time has come to fix this broken law! Fishermen need to call their Congressional representatives to SUPPORT HR3061"

In responds, John Baumann sent a letter to his Representative and too, posted it on Facebook:

John Baumann
October 13, 2011
Rep Robert Turner
US House of Representatives
New York 9th District

Dear Mr Turner,
I am writing you this letter asking you to look over and hopefully support HR 3061. The recreational fishing industry is being annihilated. The restrictions on creel and size limits imposed on recreational fisherman keep getting worse every season. If it keeps up at this rate there will be no recreational fishing and countless jobs will be lost.

The recreational industry supplies jobs for Party boat, Charter boat owners and mates who work on them. The industry sells recreational boats, those boat dealerships are losing jobs. The marina’s that sell rental space to these small craft are losing jobs. The people who sell fuel to these small and larger craft to go fishing, are losing jobs and business. The tackle shops that sell bait and tackle to fisherman are losing jobs and their businesses. These are all jobs that are being lost year after year. These are Mom and Pop businesses that spent their lives and the lives of their family serving the public, losing the businesses.

When I was a young man and a mate on some of these fishing boats in the late 1970’s, sheepshead bay was a thriving business. Fuel was being sold to the boats, tackle shops were selling bait and tackle to customers. Customers were coming out and fishing. The restaurants were thriving. Business was good and people had jobs.

With these extremely strong creel and size limits being imposed on us very few people want to even bother to go fishing any more. The industry is literally dying. New York is being hit very hard and jobs are being lost.

We implore you to do what you can to help us recover from this disaster. All disasters are not created by an act of God. Some of them are man made.

God Bless.

Sincerely yours,

John Baumann

Just as John did, anyone reading this post, contact those in government who are suppose to give a damn and put them to work in supporting this bill. It is not just about the fish you will buy at the market but about real people in despair and need your help. Help out a fisherman, help out a fellow American and you too will feel good about it as it shows that the system can work, if we stick together; United we stand, Divided we fall!

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