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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gary A. Anderson Stands Against Waste in Florida; Waste in the Nation!

As Our country, America, is facing a $14.6 trillion national debt, I encourage all in Congress, to stop supporting the big-government policies that threaten to bankrupt this nation! The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that our federal deficit will reach $1.3 trillion this fiscal year 2011. Tax revenue will total $2.1 trillion, while federal expenditures will amount to $3.4 trillion. This means that our government is spending 62 percent more than it is receiving in revenue. Are we as a nation, that stupid? Do we not teach simple math in secondary and elementary school? That's like someone who is making $30,000 a year spending more than $48,000 by maxing out their credit cards and other lines of credit. It doesn't matter whether you are a family, a state or a country. If you spend 62 percent more than you make, you're going to go bankrupt. DUH! Yet we continue to do so like nobody will notice and a magic moment will happen to make our spending bubble just go away! Our country's mounting debt is a financial time bomb that will explode and devastate every American family unless it is immediately disarmed! I am disappointed in Congress's voting record! I am disappointed in Senator Bill Nelson's ranking of "Hostile" from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, and urge you to stand up for taxpayers by fighting against runaway deficit spending and ever bigger government, by supporting my want to represent Florida in knowing how to say “No!” Please consider a donation to Gary A. Anderson, as I test the waters in a bid for the US Senate Florida in 2012. Thank You.

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