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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Global Chess Game: Iran’s King to Obama's Knights 3

A virtual impossibility for a King to move to the position of Black Knight 3 in one move from its original position of Black King 1E, though with enough propaganda, anything is possible and especially to one who does not play chess. In the Global Chess Game of Terrorism to countries to which we are not allies or express any interest in other than that of aggression! It would seem that the idea of Iran plotting a surmise of anybody at any Embassy, on American soil, would be a move such as Black King to Black Knight 3; a rogue rouge in taking attention away from another touchy subject, like “Fast & Furious!”

The heat is on a to those under scrutiny in this “new” Contra type of affair and somebodies head is going to roll; in our case it looks like Eric Holder. Blow a big enough bomb up down the street and everybody runs to see what all the commotion is all about; at the same time, the President of the United States is in Milwaukee, giving speeches at union events to add more monies to his already 70 million dollar coffer in a bid for re-election.

An assassination attempt and a reason to put boots on the ground, is not enough to draw President Obama away from raising monies for, we hope, a failed election in 2012 and his reaction to this news does not come out until 24 hours after the fact only whispers to some that it is all made up and never happened. It is a plan to pull the heat from Holder and give the United States a reason to put more heat on the Iranian Regimen. Not a smart move, if they are of the innocent, as retaliation is in order, as we well know, when dealing with blood thirsty terrorists. The Iranians may be guilty of many a thing, they may not be liked by others in the world, they may have atomic capabilities and if they did not do what has been broadcast; the playback might just not be what we want.

Bullying our values to power is not the way to show ones strengths. Bullying is not acceptable. CNN is even doing a piece on Bullying; maybe they ought to ask President Obama & Eric Holder if they too are bullying themselves into an all out Arab war? If this were to escalate between Turkey/Israeli/Russian relations and our doing something against Iran with Saudi Arabia at our back; we have the beginning of the end, with WWIII in the wings a waiting?

Suddenly December of 2012 looks pretty grim as the Mayan calendar runs out, the Bible predicts the earth will be destroyed by a comet and the Qur’an predicts death and destruction in 2012! With all these predictions to precognitions why would we hurry this along? We are second to none and I as an American am proud of my country, Flag, the bible and God but too I believe in diplomacy and if we don't walk on egg shells lightly after all this Malarkey, we could find ourselves biting off more than we can chew. As far as playing chess, as in real life, making the right moves will win you the game. Concentration and watching to what your counter has done is the key before making a move and cheating like a move of King to the position of Black Knight 3 in one move is called cheating and in my book as all the Americans I know; cheating is unacceptable, game-end, you lose!

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