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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wasting Your Money; Climate Change/Catch Shares!

Remember just how effective NOAA was during the Gulf Oil Spill? What about its fame to incompetent management through the corrupt and disposition of funds generated by fines and property seizures from fishermen? Climate Change Scares to Catch Share Ponzi schemes sponsored with your money by and for privileged industry like the EDF; why is that?

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, the environmentalist rock star and former vice chairperson of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), was appointed as the administrator of NOAA by President Obama. She has installed a team of Eco-zealots, and they have a Climate Service Office ready and waiting to proceed ,with only congressional approval standing in their way, too which has not happened even though she has already spent monies in creating the positions needed to run her Czar creation of feudalism on the fisheries. The six regional directors were appointed on 10 September 2010. All the elements promised by Dr. Lubchenco are in place, even though Congress said “NO,” she is ready anyway. Wonder what that is costing us in tax dollars? The FY2011 Continuing Resolution, set by Congress, also prohibits expending funds on specific fisheries management techniques. NOAA’s response: issuing a legalistic Ziggy-zagging on parsing and hairsplitting, to find ways to fund their games.

Remember the article about sea level rise along the Maryland shore? It was another “Best available information” they could get as there was not any scientific data to back up such. A great Shock & Awe or article to catch the human eye of fear in gloom to doom; kudos to a great fiction story but to how many believed this garbage? The article appeared in the Climate Watch Magazine, which is a feature of the NOAA Climate Service web portal.

The apple falls not far from the tree and as Dr. Jane Lubchenco, was, is or whatever still has involvement with EDF, one of her founders and EDF are the extreme of environmentalist positions. EDF tool of choice for fisheries are “Catch Shares” or also referred to as Catch Shares Management and sometimes derisively termed as a cap and trade but to whatever you call them, “Fisheries are depleted and fishermen lose their jobs as “Catch Shares” march forward making monies for those whom are called stock, I mean, stakeholders. Now to those who do not know what a Catch Share is, here is a quote from Wenonah Hauter, of, “A means to essentially privatize fishing, catch shares divide up the fish in any given region, often granting fishing privileges to a handful of larger corporate interests while pushing out smaller-scale, more traditional fishermen. Since they award those operations that fish the fastest and hardest, they incentivize the use of larger-scale boats, more damaging gear, and wasteful fishing practices that hurt fish stocks and the habitats on which they depend.”

If EDF loves NOAA and its position on its flawed data to best information and science, EDF ought to take it over with in the private sector and Congress could release NOAA from its purse strings, to which they would gladly do except our fearless leader, President Obama to is in bed with this Cap and trade bunch. We must tell Congress not to allow NOAA to regroup and we must make sure President Obama will be what I want to be; a one termed official! He had his time in and his colors are not that of my red, white and blue, as I stand for the American Fisherman, the Constitution and the use of God everywhere freedom rings through-out our Republic! Hell No to Catch Shares and Hell No to those organizations which stand by them. Not in my country, not in my town and not on my oceans are the speech of Americans everywhere. Catch Shares to Climate Change, sell it to China as they may be in need of a Eco-zealot environmentalist rock star, to motivate them into a Catch Shares Management Program, as we here back in America are not into another Cap in Shade deal to steal our rights to jobs to fish for the advancement of board members of the EDF on my dime!

Help Me, Help You achieve this goal because as a team we are unbeatable. God Bless America! “Principles Before Party, Personality, and Profits, with Deeds not Words.”

I am serious! Times are hard, I know, being on Disability, but just a buck, one measly dollar, 100 cents makes sense to reclaiming Florida to America! If everybody who liked my articles to the Sandbox paid one dollar, today, I'd have enough to give a start for a run to save our country. Enough to recruit more volunteers and enough to pay the filing fees; with left overs to go towards our homeless. I have plans for us all. I have a plan for you in stopping the insanity and bringing order back into our lives; just for a buck. Will You Please Donate to our future?

I Fish – I Vote;

Make Your Vote Count!

Gary A. Anderson Exploratory Candidate US Senate FL 2012

In-Kind Pol. Adv., for and approved by Gary A. Anderson,

Exploratory Candidate US Senate Fl. 2012

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