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Friday, October 14, 2011

More Troops on the Ground; More Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

As I was in the process of putting this up, I heard on CNN of how we are now engaged in more conflicts abroad. Boots on the Ground in Africa too which, more of our sons to daughters will be subject to more abuse of PTSS! A story, from a returning combatant of our war on terrorism in Afghanistan, was of a young man in a precarious situation where choices were few and his commander, should have noticed a problem was brewing. During a skirmish with unknown assailants, across a road, their were what appeared to be children and civilians in the line of fire. The young soldier refused to fire into the civilians. His commander ordered he fire his weapon and kill something. Again, he refused on the fact, he might hit an innocent. His squadron Leader ordered him to either make a kill or kill himself. We can only hope, under the stress they were in, this leader was but making a point but it was of the wrong point to make, as the solider, shot himself in the head, dead, rather than kill an innocent civilian. True? It was but told to me second hand and too what made this poor young man shoot himself, we may never really know but he was killed in combat and my question is by whom? Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is a nasty critter and strikes when it wants. In battle to years later, in effecting ones judgment to way of thinking. It is a lonely place to be and only yourself can bring you out of the hole but it is noticeable, if trained and treatment administered immediately, without prejudiced and with an open heart.

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Friday he was sending about 100 U.S. military advisers to Uganda to support central African allies pursuing Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, and other rebel commanders.

It was later revealed other combatants too are being deployed to the Congo, South Sudan and the South African Republic. Coincidence or on a mission by to, Michael Obama with their children, all listed as US Aids on the trips, costing us, the tax payers close to half a million dollars; all to the same countries to which our advisers invaded on our dime, time and US blood. Why not NATO Advisers? What of the United Nations, if they are so concerned about Joseph Kony's LRA in Uganda?

It is sad that bandits raid under a name such as the “Lord” but to it is sad that we will shed American blood over another countries headaches. Do we not have enough problems, to which we are committed that we must look for new wars? At a time, when our country is in peril, from wasteful expenditures, who is paying for us to play God? To how many more will be stricken with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and live to talk about it? What of our war on hunger, the homeless, jobs, the economy and our well being, right here, with in the borders of the Red, White and Blue! Immigration to Homeland Security, we have plenty on our plates to pass around for our military to handle without too now invading Africa!

It is time to “Bring Them Home!” Not send them off to the jungles & bush of Africa, in search of more war. If the 99 % ever needed a solidified cause to bring them together, this just might be the ticket. It is 1 war too many, bring them home, make us whole; 99 + 1, a Union of Freedom for All!

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