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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The 99 % Solution

A group of activists, marched into the gallery of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), in protest of capitalism! They throw fistfuls of dollars (mostly fake) down toward the trading floor, tricking the traders into a pathetic scramble for cash. Chaos to pandemonium seemed to sweep the crowd who turned from an exodus of protestors into a raging mob! One of the groups involved with this assorted set of groups of the mob were, the National Organization for Women. One of the actions of this group was to take the actions needed to bring women into the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly an equal partnership with men. With a handful of other top-drawer radicals, the Youth International Party formed, a flamboyant political group with no official membership or apparent leadership. It would seem to be a group with a specialty in revolution-via-the ridiculous. Sounds, as seen on Wall Street, are percolating across the country as other towns are under siege! This, combined with the National Mobilization Committee, are joining up with other political grassroots groups, like-minded; the Students for a Democratic Society, have s banding together, along with the Unions in a mobilization of a better formed mob but never the less, a mob! Activists are meeting to coordinate protest efforts by over 100 anti-war groups. The-revolution-in-social-media-continues with demonstrators meeting with brutal police actions; 589 are arrested, 219 injured.

Sounds much akin to the 99% ers, does it not but with one difference; this “Mob” was led by Abbott Abbie Hoffman, some 40 years ago; remember “Hell No, We won't Go!” As the burning of draft cards were all the rage, those leaving to Canada and of course, Woodstock. History has a way of repeating its self, especially when government is not listening; so it is time to send a message a wake up call, if you will. It may have started with the far left or had been sponsored by move on dot org, but the tides have turned on that too as it is no longer just the far left radicals to which are screaming or the communist by a melting pot of many who are upset with the “establishment!” So when you hear one of those Senators from the Hill or a news media reporter in his fifties or older say; they are just an unruly mob with no real message; they forgot about their days in growing up in Vietnam America. Whither you fought for or against, in country or out, you knew about the yippies to hippies and bell bottoms were the style. Peace Baby!

Anti-war protest occupies Washington DC

I too am pissed off! Though I am a poor capitalist, a capitalist, all the same. On Social Security Disability at age 58, feeling too, I have been left to the way side. The 99 Per-centers may have a voice and may have a message and it may just be a message saying they do not like what is happening around them. I too do not like what I see but instead of a march and a banner against a dislike; I decided to try and run for office and do it from with in. I am extremely disappointed in both my readers as to all in the march; we all are looking for less restrictions by big brother to more help in reaching out to help us in job growth to medical stability. The homeless are never addressed and the wars we are waging are to numerous to mention, in this short article. The war, alone in Afghanistan is now ten years old and yet not one protest against it; remember Vietnam? At what cost is this to us as a people? The Housing marketplace; much could be said about about this but instead we hear the same old same old political hog wash and in the Senate races, the ones who have been in since the rock of ages, are planning to be in until the rock of ages and did I mention most of them are millionaires or at least fall with in the upper 1 %. Why and how could they know how it is like to be hungry or how do we pay for next months rent? I am upset when I hear on the TV about these 99 Per-centers need to get real but the ones saying that are not worried if they are losing their homes; are they? I work hard at trying to keep my sanity in running my blogs and writing about fishing and how to do things; in passing along a hobby which could last you a lifetime. My wife works hard in being a server at a restaurant to put food on our table, along with my wee disability paycheck and I am sick of hearing my Senator at 180,000 dollars a year plus perks telling me he has a plan; trust me, with little to no conversation to back it up. I have written my Representatives a number of times, on different issues ranging from Agenda 21, ICLEI, the Homeless, our Housing problem and looking for political guidance, only to receive the same old auto-responder message that at this time we are working on the jobless situation and will get back to you once this problem is resolved? That is unacceptable! That is why I decided to run to for Political office but I need your support; all 99 %! Send in ONE BUCK each, just a sawbuck, a Dollar and we can change Washington to where someone will have to listen because I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat but a Whig. I am of the Florida Whig Party, and we need a moderator in government as it is now, it is in gridlock. I know what it is like to be poor! I know what it is to be of the hard working Americans to which, we got the shaft and they got the office. We must make it a privilege to be in office, not a career. Just as the hippies and Love Revolution of drugs, love and rock-n-roll changed a nation; so to may the 99% Solution!

Will You Not Help Me, Help You, Help America, Just ONE BUCK and Make a Change

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