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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Online Fisherman; Setting a Sustainable Standard

The Online Fisherman; Setting a Sustainable Standard for the 21st Century!

We advocate smart and targeted policies that address sustainability without placing an undue economic burden on the environment by such measures as the putting of 'toxic metal on dead trees.' As is found in the print to paper industry, to which others who claim sustainability, actually are not being sustainable as they are polluting our planet. All print magazines, unlike The Online Fisherman, are setting a new industry standard in calling themselves sustainable, yet they all use toxic metal on dead trees; i.e. ink on paper!

We are using pixels, in bringing home the bacon, as The Online Fisherman leaves no carbon footprint! No use of chopping live trees to make paper pulp and the usage of thousands of pounds of toxic metals, such as chromium, a carcinogen used in colored to black ink for publications in print media. The Online Fisherman is a Sustainable Online Fishing Magazine,Setting a Sustainable Standard for all others to follow, in the 21st century!

Such policies, in using pixels; where as no chromium is needed, being in place of this toxic metal, achieves both environmental and sustainable goals. How sustainable is that? "Heavy metals" are chemical elements with a specific gravity that is at least 5 times the specific gravity of water. Chromium is a heavy metal. Chromium is too a carcinogenic. Remember the movie, "Erin Brockovich," it was this metal in the water that caused the whole story; Chromium.

Now, ink to paper is a far cry from actually polluting the ground water but is it? We have recycling here in Florida. Too which, we all abide by the law, right? Too how many magazines end up elsewhere, other than a recycle bin only to degrade and possibly find its way into an aquifer as a carcinogen? A lot of questions, too which, if ones magazine is not in print, it cannot put these metals into our natural resources. If more magazines were to follow our lead, how clean would our planet be?

Money is a important factor in any business and too the Online Fisherman wishes a piece of the pie but not at the expense of our environment! We are smaller than the mighty ones in print but we grow, like a new fresh tree, a giant redwood or a Sequoya, as we are sustainable and No Chromium Needed!

From advertisements to how to do anything fishing related, as well fishing politics, The Online Fisherman, and its Team; Gary Poyssick, David Rieumont, Gary Anderson, David Tartaglia, Mike Bryant and Matthew Woodring as well our contributors, Forum members and Advertisers, we believe that “Sustainability” is an important word; so we live it; 'no toxic metal on dead trees here!' The Online Fisherman; for those who wish to agree with the planet and catch fish too. Why don't you all come on aboard and together we can be as sustainable as we would have it; as karma smiles on...Join Us!

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