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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medicare Changes; A Road Map to Sanity & Saving You $'s

This is a Great Article,written By Barbara Peters Smith, making it easier to tread down the confusing road of governmental quagmire in understanding the changes but one point, it reflects the part "F" in the PDP, to which could make a difference in choices in Sarasota County.Looking at The side bar, on page 1 to the left of the article, has parts A,B, C, D,and ends there?? Where is "F?" With that one missing piece, hopefully you will not get your foot stuck in a hole while wandering down the not so easy to understand new rules of Medicare and its operating procedures but at least, one can understand now where you might be going. Thanks to the Herald for the article & Barbara Peters Smith for making my day, as I being of a recent disability have now to choose from the circus of events. It will helpful! The byline is a bit misleading but that is how you draw us in, I guess? Medicare benefits increase for seniors

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